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  1. Yes it's normal. You're probably going to have trouble sleeping up to the 7th day. Make sure you rest your head on the inflatable pillow they give.
  2. I too have experienced that with Dr. Cinik. There seemed to be a lot less grafts planted than the amount they said was extracted. It did look like they extracted a lot though. I was thinking they either transected quite a bit of the grafts during extraction (although they said 85%)... or they sold my grafts on the black market 😭 They said 4500 or something for me when they initially said 3500. I don't mind if they lied about the numbers, I'm just hoping they didn't waste any of my precious donor area LOL
  3. I've been on minoxidil for about a year and a half, and it's worked, just not as much as I'd hoped... which is why I'm looking to schedule a hair transplant soon. I'm seeing mixed things online about the use of Minoxidil following a hair transplant. A clinic in Istanbul recently told me I can't use minoxidil for 5 months after the transplant. Well, my question to that would be.. wouldn't the hairs dependent on minoxidil for the past year and a half fall out? Apparently all your minoxidil sheds ~3-6 months after discontinuing minoxidil. At the same time, I see some posts online (even from Doctors) encouraging the use of minoxidil after transplant to prevent shock loss. What should I do here? Should I wait another 5 months and schedule after the shedding post-minoxidil, or can I use it sooner than 5 months?