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  1. Does anyone heard about this doctor? He is located in new delhi. So far his results looks decent. Any feedback would be nice. https://www.hairtransplantindia.co.in/treatment/hair-transplantation-cost-in-delhi/
  2. Hi I have decided to get a hair transplant by end of this year and been doing my research from last 1 year. My top two are Dr Hasson from canada and Dr Bloxham from usa. I am from Canada but dont mind travelling to new York. Both of their work have been excellent. I did my consultation with both ( Spoke with Dr hasson representative and Directly with Dr Bloxham) and been told i need around 2500 grafts FUT for the frontal and hairline area. I have not see any bad work from Dr Bloxham so far and seen one bad transplant from Dr hasson posted by @noob. Does anyone else have a good or bad ex
  3. Hasson was my first choice but i came across below blog which kinda scares me which is why i was looking at other clinics aswell. Does anyone know anything about the below blog? it was created back in 2005. https://say-no-to-hassonandwong.blogspot.com/
  4. WHAT IS stick and place technique ? would you rather wait for Dr konoir or go ahead with Dr Hasson. I am also in a same position. Don't know if should wait for Dr Konoir or go with Dr Hasson.
  5. @thappaDid you heard anything back from clinic as they said? I was thinking about getting a hair transplant from this clinic now im scared to go there. Will wait for you feedback. Thanks
  6. I am not taking any medicine at the moment. However, I do have most off my hair expect the temple area and my hairline went up slightly. See the pictures and let me know what do you guys think.
  7. Hello Everyone Does anyone recently had a hair transplant FUT with either Dr Hasson or Dr Rahal? I have spoken with both of the clinic and I'm not able to decide whom should I choose. On their YouTube channel none of them posted Fut videos this year and even they did those videos are not showing the scar. Please share your recent experience. Thank You.
  8. Hi Guys I have contacted Dr Hasson and wong and Dr Rahal. Both of them have given me a different estimate. I have not heard anything back from Dr Feller Office as off yet. I am trying to decide if I should go with Fut or Fue as I like to keep my sides short. Any Advise. Dr Hasson : 3000 Grafts which cover from front to Mid Scap and re designing the front hairline and Temple area.. Either Fue or Fut. Dr Rahal 2000 Grafts which will cover most of the front part and re designing the front and temple area. Either Fue or Fut. Does Dr Rahal really perform Fue
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