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  1. Just saw your results— I am very impressed especially seeing the before and after. I don't see a huge issue with an impersonal experience given that the technicians are qualified and the doctor has at least some say in it. I am going to be firm that I don't want more than 3000 grafts.
  2. Great Feedback! I added two more photos: one to see the front, and another of my donor. The original picture was after a very short haircut and with blonde hair and fair skin, the flash made it look like an even worse donor area. I can meet with an HT surgeon in California as they may know best. I see in your signature you went to Erdogan, why do you recommend Keser? I’ll check in with Hasson/Wong too. I am open to any other recommendations too. Thanks again!
  3. Hey Ian, thank you for the input! I'd like to clarify a few things. I guess what I meant to say is if this happened to me later in life I wouldn't be so worried, but I know I'd like to have some hair back for the next 5-10 years. To be clear: I was 100% ready to deposit and go to Erdogan/ASMED (or any other top clinic in Turkey or Europe) since I thought they have the best reputation and the graft count was very reasonable. However, I figured since I'm in the US I should reach out to more US doctors and get their feedback just in case. Most all of them have said along the lines that 3000 grafts is far too much for me and I'll be over-harvested. Some also strongly recommended FUT since I can always do FUE later if I need it. I am concerned that their statement that my donor area will be over-harvested was under the impression that I am going to some sort of "hair mill" for like $1000 or something really low cost compared to their US clinics. The doctors that emphasized that FUT is ideal for me also seemed biased as they are able to do FUT for a price similar to FUE in Turkey, and they wanted to get me in for a consultation. I don't mean to sound skeptical since they mean well, but I want to be cautious about who I listen to. This is why I wanted to open up to this forum. I'm also graduating very soon, and will have an indefinite amount of free time to recover/travel/etc. I don't think I can pull off taking time off for recovery/ being seen during recovery when I am working full time later next year and beyond.
  4. Hello! I have been interested in a hair transplant for 2 years. I am 24 years old, and my hair loss has halted since I started taking Finasteride 2 years ago and Minoxidil 1 year ago. See images here: https://imgur.com/a/Hbb8qSL. Currently, I am planning on getting an FUE procedure with Dr. Koray Erdogan. His clinic is recommending 2500-3200 grafts and settled on 3000. I am concerned this might be a bit much but I also like the idea of not having to get another transplant later. He will be doing the hole incisions himself and his surgical staff is doing the implantation. The reason I am going to Turkey is not simply cost— I am willing to pay a premium for the best hair surgeon in Turkey (or elsewhere), not a random "hair mill". I have received quotes that are much more for way less reputable doctors in the US. I would appreciate any feedback on: - ASMED/ Koray Erdogan's clinic. Are there other clinics that would be worth inquiring about? - Their graft quote (is this too much or too little?) - Should I consider an FUT over an FUE? I like to keep the sides and back of my head short, so an FUT does not seem ideal because of the scar. - Is it possible to get a FUE procedure done without shaving the top of my head? Other background: If I were in my 30s or older I wouldn't really care about the hair loss and would just shave it, but I'm not a big fan of this look for my mid 20s. Thank you all so much!