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  1. Regarding the surgeons involvement in the procedure and the experience of the team, obviously the more the better, but what is good / most important... For example, obviously it would be best if the surgeon did the whole procedure himself, but if not, which parts is most important that you would definitely want the surgeon to do, and which parts is acceptable to have the team/technician's do? How much experience of the technicians is acceptable, good, very good? Thanks
  2. I have been doing surgeon research on-off for the past couple of years and have decided now is the time to pull the trigger. After looking through loads of reviews and posts i have narrowed it down to these prospective surgeons: Dr.Bisanga Dr.Feriduni Dr.Keser Dr.Rahal I am now in the process of booking an online consultation with these 4 surgeons, however i am actually unsure of what i should ask them? I feel like I have done so much research that I know for a fact that all these surgeons are the real deal, and consistently produce amazing results, so im not sure what t
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