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  1. @RG90 From the pics to 6 months, I would say that it is very natural, for me you are fine.
  2. Because Minoxidil is a blood vasodilator, it could cause you to bleed excessively during the procedure.
  3. Most people who have a poor result like yours and are ignored by the clinic, do exactly what you are doing, post their result and their complaints, so that everyone can see and decide whether or not to go to that. clinic to do their transplant, and especially not to return to the same clinic. Also on this forum, you could choose another clinic / surgeon, in case you decide to have another transplant.
  4. Yeah the good thing is they are easily reachable and the support is fantastic. And I assure you that it is not a trivial fact.
  5. I agree with the members who commented above, in my opinion they are among the best hair transplant surgeons in the world.
  6. I don't think it's a very common technique, there isn't much talk about it.
  7. @Seniormidoit seemed rather unlikely not to say impossible that you had received a warning from the forum moderator, not to publish your experience with Yaman, in other forums, you would have already been banned, Melvin does not behave as you wanted to believe.
  8. I remember that in one of the many phone calls between me and Cinik's "client finder" (Umberto), to convince me, he told me that Cinik also did this type of intervention. I never believed it, nor did I ever try to deepen it also because I had never read it anywhere on his website. I can't prove it, because it was one of the many nonsense he told me on the phone and never anything in writing. Anyway, in my opinion, it's a huge bullshit.
  9. Minoxidil is a blood vessel dilator, so it is important to stop taking it before surgery to avoid excessive bleeding during the procedure. Since you have entrusted yourself to this clinic, and you trust them, I in your place, I would do what they say.
  10. I just told you that choosing a clinic based on the photos they show on their site or from some YouTube video is wrong. Did you know this forum before your procedure?
  11. @FkdUpHairlineIf you have chosen this clinic, just because you have seen some YouTube videos or photos on their site, you have made a mistake.
  12. Yes, @FkdUpHairline apart from the density, everything seems normal.
  13. I don't see a high graft density, in my humble opinion. As for the donor area, you will be able to evaluate it from the third month more or less, when the loss of shock loss will begin to return.
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