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  1. Extracting 6000 follicular units from that donor area really seems like a bet, if you could do it you will surely be left with permanent signs quite evident in my opinion, and in any case there is nothing wrong with mentioning the name of the surgeon who estimated you the number of grafts to be collected, on the contrary, would help you make a possible choice whether or not to undergo a transplant.
  2. @happyandsad ok .... this is the last post that I put in your discussion talking about my bad experience with Ziya Yavuz. Who should I make the video call (which they promised to do, but never made) with the translator? And tell him what? Do you think it is easy to report people or a clinic that have nothing but a sheet of paper that says "guarantee certificate" but which is actually nothing more than a certificate that has transplanted 4000 follicular units, especially if the clinic is a Turkish clinic? In addition to the fact that you should rely on a Turkish lawyer to be represented there, not to mention the legal visits you should perform to prove how they reduced you, and therefore, in the event that Ziya Yavuz and Hamid Aydin propose to return to them for try to "solve the situation" (because that's what they could offer you) would you come back? I don't know how my second transplant with Dr. Cinik will evolve, but if it doesn't go well, it will be a big mistake for Estetistanbul, because my donor area has been devastated by them, in Cinik I could blame the fact that instead of doing the transplant did not tell me that in any case I had scar tissue and therefore I must not expect a 100% regrowth of the follicular units and also that the follicular units taken from the beard all come from a hair and do not have the same coverage as those taken from the back of my neck, things that I only found out now, so I could tell Cinik that he was not ethical as a doctor. That's all.
  3. @happyandsad I contacted them, Ziya Yavuz told me that what happened is not his fault, while Hamid Aydin told me through the clinic's translator, that they wanted to make a video call with me, but that I never received. I wish you the best (I have always written it in my posts) but if you tell me that you have found only good reviews of Ziya Yavuz, I tell you that it is normal that it is so, the clinic has opened it for a year, how many patients do you want me to have operated on yet? Few...
  4. @Jijypuru. if you go to your mail you will find some pictures that I sent you. If that's not enough, I can send you the link where my donor area is taken as an example in a document written by the ISHRS about the black transplant market in Turkey, taken as an example of over haversting. I have opened a report on this forum of my second transplant or better, of my transplant because I don't consider the first one, and in any case I wish you never to suffer what I suffered when I entrusted myself to Estetistanbul and Ziya Yavuz
  5. @Melvin-Moderator You have never heard of it because it has existed for about a year. Ziya Yavuz is the one who ruined my life, in addition to the donor area, he was in business with Hamid Aydin at Estetistanbul, one of the many mills that do (or tries to do) transplants in Turkey, then he started doing business on his own .
  6. This does not seem to me to be "work" of Cinik.
  7. @happyandsadI repeat, I wish you all the best from your transplant, I sent you the photos in private and they are eloquent enough not to use other adjectives. As for the first answer you gave me, when you told me that I am the first to negatively review Ziya Yavuz, obviously you have not done your research well, to this user of another forum, it went even worse than he did with Ziya Yavuz and Hamid Aydin, in 2018 (before Ziya Yavuz started doing business alone). They ruined it and who knows how many others are around. Check out the video he posted on YouTube, and I'll be making one soon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXRw3qKMdzE
  8. @Glam the clinic (which is not a clinic but was advertised as such) was the Estetistanbul of doctors (or assumed it was) Hamid Aydin and Ziya Yavuz (the latter "advertising" the user @happyandsad in other thread) and the agency was an Italian agency.
  9. It's the same thing that happened to me, I didn't even know that there were agencies that procured "clients" and not patients for these pseudo-clinics and without being documented I let myself be convinced.
  10. Right before? It is the first time I hear it, I always knew immediately after and then selected every three months.
  11. Thank you friend 🤞I just proceeded to send some of my photos privately to the @happyandsad user to whom I really wish the best.
  12. Forgive me @Portugal25. but it's not quite like that, my transplant was performed badly from A to Z, because Ziya Yavuz didn't care if he wouldn't have come to see at least occasionally how it proceeded, instead nothing. I also want to tell you that the photo of my donor area immediately after the intervention was taken as an example of over haversted in a document made by the ISHRS when they spoke of the risks that one runs going on the black market that there is in Turkey as regards hair transplantation. Then I want to say that my second procedure with Doctor Cinik, was not a repair procedure, but I wanted to at least give density to my hair, which I absolutely did not have with the first transplant, not to mention the doll effect that I had because Ziya Yavuz's technicians (assuming they were) gave my hair by inserting double follicular units in the front line. Another thing that I forgot to say is that in my own operating room there was another patient who was having a transplant, we were separated only by a curtain. Absurd if I think about it now that I have made a culture on transplants.