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  1. If I had a medium-high budget, and I was oriented towards Turkey, the only ones I would look at would be HLC and Pekiner.
  2. Given that those who choose clinics like Cinik's or Serkan Aygin's is because don't have a high budget, not all of us can afford high-level surgeons, but there is a distinction to be made between low-cost and pseudo-clinics, of which Turkey it is packed full. Cinik and Serkan are good low cost clinics with an experienced technical team. A procedure can fail, whether it is performed by the doctor or the technicians (some would say that with technicians the error rate increases), but this can happen in any clinic, the problem is how and if, these clinics satisfy patient, or not it matters.
  3. No, I haven't solved my problem yet, think that I also did a scalp biopsy, I thought I had some scalp problem, but nothing particular .... however if you take a look at my thread, I wrote everything .
  4. Meanwhile, if the doctor does the incisions, it is not at all obvious that the transplant will be successful. Several times, I have written, that on the day of my procedure, I met at the hotel, two guys who were there for a second procedure. Even for the first procedure, they had been to the clinic together. Well, one of the two (the one whose transplant was not very successful), in the first procedure it was Doctor Cinik who made the incisions, while the other boy, who had the best transplant, had the incisions. run the team. In my procedure, something went wrong.
  5. I agree with @Coadyin saying that Cinik is a great hair mill, but we have not yet seen, how it behaves in case, things go wrong (I myself am a witness). As for HLC, I know it's a professional clinic, the procedure is done by more or less multiple doctors. Instead for Asmed, I'd say it's just a hair mill with top clinic rates, plus, if something goes wrong, you'll have problems in post support, (see member thread @miko.
  6. If you have not found any testimony on this forum, nor on other forums, beware.
  7. Here you are in the right place. Do not trust reviews read on Google, Yelp, Istagram, Youtube, Facebook or on the sites of clinics or pseudo-clinics in Turkey, look for the clinic / surgeon you are interested in and look on this forum if they have real patients who have updated their "trip ”, From the day of the procedure, to the end of the course, with detailed photos posted month after month. Only in this way, you can choose your clinic / surgeon, without risking making mistakes.
  8. I want to inform you that this morning I had an interview via whatsapp with the consultant of the clinic (who is a very helpful person), he told me that he will sit down with the doctor again to discuss my situation. This, for proper and appropriate knowledge to all members of the forum. Thanks
  9. I don't know what to answer @deitel130 I can also think, at this point, that the fallen grafts are those taken from the non-safe area, however, as I wrote before, the photos make the situation look better, but it is really one crap. Yes, I contacted the clinic through their consultant, I sent him the biopsy report, he told me that he would speak with Cinik, this happened about a month ago, but since then, I have not heard from him again .
  10. strange as thread, just recorded and transplanted immediately at 6 months. These are not the threads to rely on, but those like mine, and of many others, who periodically tell about the transplant developments. Will it be publicity from the clinic? 🤔
  11. Great, pray to God everything's okay until the end. Good luck.
  12. Hi, I want to update my thread with a couple of freshly taken pictures. 15 months have passed since my second procedure in Cinik's clinic and unfortunately the situation deteriorated by the eighth month and has not improved. The thing that particularly disappointed me is that the clinic, although I sent him the biopsy report, which shows that my scalp is not affected by any lichen planopilaris or anything else, hasn't contacted me anymore. I would like to point out that the photos were taken, yes, in front of a window, but in any case not in direct sunlight, indoors, therefore the
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