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  1. I follow this discussion with great interest, even I have just purchased and used it once and only on vertex, I am 4 and a half months after my procedure, I will use it every other day, but not applying minoxidil immediately after using it I am afraid that may cause me irritation because of the alcohol it contains.
  2. @Pyrat Luck, for example, could be the fact of having a donor area full of multiple double, triple or quadruple follicular units, if you are looking for reports from Cinik's patients, there is one in particular (whose name I don't remember ) which started from a 6/7 norwood situation, so serious, but got a surprising result, because if you go to look at the photos, its grafts are mostly multiple and those offer a great coverage, and they also have a great caliber of hair. Not everyone who undergoes a transplant has this luck. As for the predisposition, I wrote it in some threads, the success of the transplant depends a lot on our vascularization in the reception area, but nobody gives it due importance, and unfortunately it is a genetic thing. We cannot know if where the hair is transplanted, below, we have more or less blood vessels willing to feed the new grafts.
  3. Most low cost clinics do not use microscopes, do not divide follicular units into single, double or multiple, so you will never know the number of singles, the number of doubles or the number of multiples that have been extracted from your donor area and grafted into the receiving area, but they will only tell you the total number of grafts and for that you will have to trust what they tell you.
  4. In reality this is a good strategy for those who have a very large area to cover, take care to make a good front line first because this is the part that is most noticeable when talking with people, that is, the first thing that stands out , and then, in a second transplant, if you still have follicular units available or take them from your beard or chest, you treat the rest, i.e. mid and vertex.
  5. This is strange. No booking deposit has been requested from me.
  6. @Chris bam If you read my report, there is my story. He must be aware that Cinik's clinic is a low-cost clinic, perhaps one of the best, but if I had the financial opportunity I would have chosen a high-level surgeon, I would have gone to Pekiner, Demirsoy or HLC. By going to Cinik, I was aware of the risks, for example, you must know that they do not use the microscope, so you risk finding yourself on the front line and being operated on by nurses or even by young trainees, in my case, For my procedure I had a team of experts (guaranteed by the same doctor). I saw surprising results of transplants performed in the Cinik clinic, the same consultant of Dr. Cinik (who was with me on the day of my procedure) had two procedures and they were fantastic, but I also saw some bad ones, I understood however that in the transplant, the "luck" and predisposition factors of the patient are fundamental for the success of the transplant. The important thing is, however, not to rely on Turkish clinics that make you believe that you are, but they are not, like the “Estetistanbul” of Hamid Aydin and Ziya Yavuz (now alone in business, I do not know what he called the his company, not a clinic) and there are hundreds of them in Turkey. Until now, everything is going according to my expectations, at the end of the course, I reserve the right to recommend it or not.
  7. @Chris bam Can we know in which clinic in Turkey you will perform your procedure? There are clinics and pseudo-clinics there, pay close attention to where you decided to go.
  8. @Belman Yes, I know that you did the procedure a month before me, I follow your report with interest, I wish you the best.
  9. Good luck in healing, could you also post photos of the pre and post procedure?
  10. @Linesman12 Unfortunately you are not the only one who has happened to us, unfortunately in Turkey there are many pseudo clinics that make you believe you are, but only a few are authentic, in many cases they rent the operating rooms in the big hospitals of Istanbul, looking for their sites Web and make you believe that the clinic is owned by them, so they have young trainees or taxi drivers or waiters who do the procedure.
  11. Where did you read that HRN recommends koray Erdogn (Asmed)? Unethical Italian forums where only good relationships are left by eliminating bad ones, not HRN. Here you will find both good and bad ones, so the user can choose whether to go or not. But then, you just signed up and you are already shooting sentences, it's strange. Melvin should check your IP address