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  1. @duchaine I know what you're referring to, the only thing you can do is abandon those pseudo-forums that are nothing but commercial activities, spread the word of their policy as much as possible and make forums like hair restoration network grow, where users are free to post their reports (even those that have failed) in complete freedom.
  2. I agree withDust78, if he decided to do a FUE, it is assumed that he wanted to keep his hair short otherwise I think he would have opted for a FUT, which in my humble opinion this latter procedure has a better success rate, with more chance of engaging UF, provided it is done by top surgeons such as H&W or a few others. If he decided to go to a clinic (even a bit expensive) in my opinion he should not have ended up this way and had the possibility of keeping his hair as he wanted and not necessarily long. Here in my opinion the clinic made a big mistake, it should at least compensate the patient, it is not a question of failed regrowth in the recipient (which no one can foresee), but of actual hover haversting.
  3. sorry, @dredd77 , the forum from which your report has been removed is a European forum perhaps?
  4. @baldblonde I agree with previous posts, but I suggest you also take a look at the work of doctor Kaan Pekiner, if you looked at koray I think you have no money problems, so keep in mind that Pekiner does the whole procedure personally, he uses a manual punch which are not small details but on the contrary things that make the difference.
  5. @zirke good luck, you will see that it will surely increase the follicular units to be extracted, it seems strange to me that they have kept themselves so low, anticipating only 2500, usually its numbers are around 3500/3800.
  6. @vanilia good luck for your ht, I wanted to ask you why so much time to resume physical activity, the particularity of DHI with respect to a normal FUE? I am aware that those who make FUT are advised to wait a little longer because of the scar.
  7. @rafter_01 I did my ht in his clinic, I also chose painless anesthesia, I am almost two months post, so in the worst period, in February I can tell you if mine was a good choice or not, however, know that we are talking about low cost and not top surgeons.
  8. @rafter_01 I agree with the member Abi28 to leave surgeons / clinics of which you do not find reviews or reports of real users on the forums, and I add to take a look also at doctor Kaan Pekiner, also in Turkey which in my opinion is the best and more ethical.
  9. If on this forum he has no longer updated and on others he has not behaved well.
  10. I agree, I'd go with Pekiner with my eyes closed.
  11. I mean, let me understand ... is the patient who has to fear being sued and not the other way around? 😳 Are you kidding me?
  12. Where did you read that? To me it doesn't appear, even in my transplant I suffered a shock loss in the donor area above the ears, the clinic told me to use minoxidil twice a day, surely yours is a little more extended, but you just have to wait.