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  1. Hi @Saffy82 and good luck for your HT post. Can I ask you where the doctor works and where did you read his references? On Google I was unable to find it.
  2. yes, in fact it was what I wanted to make clear.🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. @transplantedphil honestly I do not see the difference neither by touch nor visually, one thing is certain, and that is that beard grafts should not be placed in the front line, they would probably be evident there.
  4. @Mike_2020 In my procedure 1000 follicular units were extracted, however I assure you, that nobody has noticed.
  5. Hi @Classygentleman , Dr. Levent Acar was a business partner with Dr. Cinik a few years ago, their “company” was called Cosmedica and was in Istanbul, so Dr. Emrah Cinik went to work alone. I can tell you that I have read and seen discussions of patients who have operated on Cosmedica and they have complained that have not even seen the doctor Acar, it is still a low-cost clinic, where most of the procedure is performed by technicians, therefore, look carefully. Do not trust the reviews or advertising they make on their sites or on Facebook or Instagram, but look for real reviews on the forums, the ethical ones, however in Europe there are few.
  6. a user( @HmDiars) who just registers and the first thread he comments on is Doctor Erkam Caymaz won't he be advertising? 🤔
  7. aaaaaa 😂😂😂 .. I understand another thing🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. Most "improvised surgeons" rent operating rooms in Turkish hospitals, the best surgeons have owned clinics, precisely because after so many years of experience and earnings they have managed to afford it. This is just my opinion.
  9. Few clinics have their facilities, most pay large hospitals to rent operating rooms, of those in my opinion, you have to be careful.
  10. But we are talking about Bisanga, one of the top in Europe, and it is not, rightly so cheap.
  11. @Curious25 ok, I hope it's as normal as you say, 🤞Tnx