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  1. In my case, I can tell you that from the fourth / fifth month post procedure, everything had grown, absolutely everything, until the eighth month I was happy with the regrowth of the implanted follicular units, then, from the eighth to the ninth month , a crazy involution, and now that I am almost a year old, what went away in that month has never grown back. At one year, I will update the thread.
  2. The same thing happened to me, between the eighth and the ninth month (between June and July) I had a copious fall, and it is not about survival of grafts, because in this case, they would not have grown back at all.
  3. @Raymond92 Know that you have chosen a hair mill, among the hundreds that there are in Turkey, so your transplant is a lottery, I don't want to worry you, it will definitely be fine, but be prepared otherwise.
  4. @NamsakIn the frontal pics, a "pinch" of density seems to be missing, in the pics taken from above, however, no. The hairline is very natural, and I assure you that this factor is already more than half of an excellent result in a transplant.
  5. I think you should do what you will not regret later: return to Koray or go to the other clinic, only you can know.
  6. You're right @Sean but very few ethical doctors do this, most just want your money, they don't care about your expectations, especially the low cost clinics that Turkey is full of.
  7. Hi @Seniormido, you could post some photos of your current situation, but if you have any, also of the pre and post surgery? Thanks
  8. yes, the donor area seems very worn, I shaved it after twenty days, but I had no irritation or pimples. For Minoxidil it is still too early in my opinion.
  9. well, the important thing is that they are interested in your case. I'm happy for you.
  10. @Marat Ledok No, I don't mean pulling the hair behind it, but taking the pics from the front, and possibly with the smartphone's external camera, but only to show the details better. Thanks
  11. @Marat Ledok wow great, the next pictures could you take them under the sunlight and show us the hairline?
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