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  1. I agree with you, it was more painful than I had expected/read about but it was okay once the anesthesia kicked in. The work looks good so far, but I am just curious did you have loss in the crown? That seems like a lot of hair for such a small area. I would not worry about the numbers while I was there some people had 2000 grafts, 3000 grafts and some even more. So I don't believe they always quote 4000 grafts. I went in for a wash almost everyday and not everyone had over 4000 grafts. They also give out a sheet which has the breakdown of singles, doubles and multiples and for me at least it added up. They should give it to you before you leave. Hope everything turns out great for you
  2. I had my first hair transplant around the same age as you, so I might be able to help. Personally I would suggest that you shave your head and see if you like the look. I went with an FUT, which is why I was able to maximize my donor capacity. It seems like you are thinking of getting an FUE and if I am not wrong there probably won't be enough grafts to cover your scalp if you do reach NW 6. FUT+FUE might be the way to go but again, the scar is something you have to consider. As others have suggested medication and lasers might be a good option. Try out minoxidil and see how you respond to it. If you get a transplant at this age, shock loss is a possibility and since you are not on finasteride you might end up worse off after the transplant
  3. It is always tough when you start losing your hair at such an early age. I was in the same situation as you. From my experience don't even bother with 2% minoxidil because it is not at all effective. 5% might regrow some hair but you will most likely continue to lose your hair if the medication does not stop hair loss, which I don't think it does. Propecia would be the best bet to block DHT but at ypur age I don't know if it is a good idea. You should talk to your doctor and discuss the pros and cons. The hair at thr back and sides is permanent so it is unlikely to fall out. The other suggestion I have is to consult a hair transplant surgeon in your area, using this site to search for recommended doctors. It might be due to male pattern baldness or you could be losing hair due to other reasons. Before you proceed with treatment it is best to consult a doctor that specializes in hair loss
  4. At this point you can't be sure about the final results, a thousand grafts might or might not give you the results you were looking for. What I found interesting is that during my consultation I received a similar estimate of 4000-6000 hairs even though I was a NW 5-6, just seems like their standard suggestion for everyone that sends them pictures. I emailed them back after getting their suggestion and told them I needed at least 4000 grafts but was told that somehow that would only result in 4000 hairs as well. Somehow 2000 and 4000 grafts give you the same amount of hair. Furthermore I was also told that the hair per graft ratio goes down after a specific number of grafts which did not make sense to me and I decided not to go through with them. Hope your results turn out great though and the best of luck to you
  5. I had an FUE with Dr Yaman two months ago and am happy with how things are progressing thus far. I can't comment on the results but I found the clinic to be extremely professional, more so than the first clinic I went to for my first procedure. I consulted with most of the turkish doctors talked about on here so if there is anything specific you like to know feel free to ask. At the end of the day I would not limit myself to one country but instead choose a doctor that you are confident with.
  6. Have you consulted with doctors and had them evaluate your donor area? You would probably need a lot of grafts to give you the results you want which is why an in person evaluation is important to determine what can be achieved and whether you have realistic goals. I would also look into using beard and/or chest hair to give better density in the crown. As far as the meds, I don't know if they will thicken your donor area or not but they are worth a shot anyway
  7. You should be fine. At this point the follicles are embedded into the scalp. I would be worried if it was ten days post op, but a month out there is not much you can do to damage your grafts. Think its just normal shedding so nothing to worry about
  8. Before I make any suggestions, have you talked to Dr Rahal to figure out why transplanted hair fell out. Could you have continued to lose your native hair, which is why it looks worse or was the hair harvested from non permanent zones. Furthermore are you on any medications? I was able to find a list of doctors on the ishrs and they had a few in Toronto so you can take a look there. Just be cautious though because only three doctors in Canada are recommended on this and other sites
  9. I will be posting pictures and a report of my experience within a couple of days. When I booked the surgery I was told the waiting list was eight months but there was a cancellation at the last second so I was able to schedule surgery within three weeks of contacting the clinic. The day before I was supposed to meet the doctor, however he was busy with another patient and thus the consultation was scheduled for the next morning before the procedure. I was a NW 4 at the time and was only using rogaine. The doctor had to cover a large area although he did mention being able to get a density of 30-35 grafts which would have been decent. I knew a second procedure would be required although like I said the consultation was rushed and I was not really properly educated as to what I should expect. I was pretty much bald in that area so there was minimal native hair left. I emailed the clinic two years after the procedure and told them about my concerns although I was not sure how many hairs grew. Before my second procedure the doctor was able to use a camera and other things to measure density and mentioned that it was around 10-12 grafts per cm which is about a third of what the doctor told me was transplanted. As far as the doctors experience, he is recommended on here and has done great work, but I honestly don't know what went wrong. I followed the postop instructions and the clinic did all my washings until 10 days after the procedure when the scabs fell off. At the same time on the day I had my procedure done, I met someone who was having his transplant repaired since the first one failed and I have kept in touch with him and seen his posts on here. His second procedure also failed, which led me to believe it was the fault of the clinic since it is highly unlikely two procedures done on the same day would fail. I would assume not but I just found it strange how one doctor thinks the hair is thin and fine, hence requiring almost 6k grafts to fill in the hairline and midscalp whereas the second dr said i had medium hair which would allow me to get the job done with less grafts and also cover the crown with lower density.
  10. About five years ago, I got my first transplant done by a doctor recommended on this site. Being a desperate 21 year old, I kind of rushed into surgery without doing my research and it definitely came back to bite me on the backside. I had 3300 grafts placed however for some reason only a third of the grafts grew. Of course the clinic offered a free touch up but I decided not to take them up on the offer. Before my first surgery I was told I had thin, fine hair which would require higher number of grafts to cover the area. I consulted a few other doctors since I was unhappy with the density and a couple of them felt as if the result looked natural and made it seem like the result was what I should have expected, which kind of put me off having a second procedure done. Fast forward to this year and I finally took a plunge with a clinic in Turkey back in Nov, which is also recommended on here. The difference between the two procedures was night and day and I am really happy with how things are proceeding thus far. The main reason why I waited so long was because the initial clinic I got the procedure done from claimed my hair type was unfavorable for surgery due to the nature of my hair being thin and fine as mentioned earlier. However before my second procedure in Turkey the doctor measured my hair and determined that I had good density with medium hair, instead of fine hair as the other clinic claimed. Since then I have kind of been thinking about why both doctors would have differing opinions on my hair type. The first doctor did not measure it, while the second doctor did which is why I trust the second doctor more. Is it possible that hair characteristics change over time or am I right in assuming that the preop before the first surgery was done poorly
  11. Hi everyone! I have been lurking on the forums for a while and finally decided to create an account. I am planning on having a hair transplant in the future and need some help in choosing which clinic and country the transplant should take place in. I started losing my hair when I was 18, and initially I was only using minoxidil. By the time I was 21, I had my first hair transplant. I will admit, I kind of rushed into surgery without doing much research, which was kind of a mistake on my part. I also choose one of the best clinics in North America (rather not name which one) and was confident I would get good results. At the time, I was a norwood 4 and the plan for the surgery was to get around 4000 grafts, via FUT. Unfortunately, the doctor was only able to obtain about 3200 grafts, and with a large area to cover, the density was going to be about 35 grafts/cm^2. I was not taking propecia as I should have done, and continued to lose hair, however a year after my transplant, I noticed that the density was extremely low and I suspected the yield was about 50%, maybe higher. As most good clinics offer a free touch up, I had the option of a touch-up procedure, which I ended up declining, mainly because I was not happy with the results from the first procedure. I have mainly just wore a hat to cover my head, however if/when needed I was able to use concealers. Over the past two years, I have started looking into hair transplants once again and have had a couple of consultations.. So far I have consulted with H&W in Vancouver, which is close to where I live, as well as Dr Demirsoy, Dr Erdogan, Dr Yaman, Dr Cinik, Dr Civas,Dr Ozgur at the HLC and Dr Pekiner in Turkey. Since the consultation was done via a skype call, Dr Wong was unsure how many grafts could be obtained, as it would depend on the laxity of my scalp. As an estimate, it could be from 2000-3000 grafts, which I felt would not be enough, especially since I would have to undergo another FUT procedure. I started looking into Turkey and have so far gotten estimates from Dr Erdogan (5000 grafts), Dr Yaman(4000), Dr Ozgur(3000) and Dr Cinik(4000+). So far I am unsure which clinic to choose from the four, although I have made a list of pros and cons for each. Dr Erdogan Pros - Great results on the forums -High number of grafts will be used -Quick in response to questions -Will be able to cover most area Cons -Have seen some less than impressive results in the past few months on the forums. Since it is my second transplant procedure, I need it to pretty much be perfect since there is a low likelihood I will have donor hair left for a touch up or repair procedure in the future. -Highest cost; Just as a side note, the cost is not much of an issue for me, however I did spend close to $16,000 on the first procedure and achieved subpar results. While I am willing to pay more, if for some reason the second procedure fails I will be out almost $32,000 with not much to show for it. Dr Yaman -Able to use beard hair in case donor hair is not enough -Best online consultation; Drew on picture how the grafts will be distributed, which was a nice touch and send pictures of cases similar to mine, without me asking. -Have seen some amazing results on the forums -Cost is reasonable for the quality of work Cons -Appearance of a thin crown after procedure, unlikely to be able to provide too much density -Price seems to good to be true, which is more of a pro than a con, but still has me a bit worried Dr Cinik Pros -Ability to utilize body hair in case donor hair is not enough -Cheap packages Cons -Some reviews have me worried, due to poor results on this and other forums -Once again, price seems to good to be true Dr Ozgur at HLC Pros -Best use of body hair out of all three that offer it -Seen some great results, however there isn't many on the forums thus hard to judge -Doctor in charge of the majority of the surgery Cons -Disagreement between doctor and myself on where grafts should be placed. They want to focus on the temple and hairline, whereas I feel due to my pattern of hair loss, the grafts would be better used on the midscalp and crown region, instead of rebuilding the temples. I was told this is something that can be sorted out, however this discussion would have to take place during the pre-surgery consultation, where the distribution of grafts would be decided. -Least amount of coverage. Other doctors think I have enough hair in donor region for 4000+ grafts, but the HLC does not think this is the case. Could be a pro, since they are making sure not to overharvest the donor area, however it would require at least two procedures, a year apart So far, I am leaning towards Dr Erdogan, however I do keep changing my mind, which is why I am unsure about who I should chose. If anyone could give their pros and cons, or if anyone has had surgery with any of the doctors I mentioned above, please let me know!