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  1. New poster here, sorry if this is the wrong subforum. I recently had a consultation with Dr. Miguel Canales of the Silicon Valley Hair Institute: It seems that he is well respected in the field, was very involved in the development of the ARTAS robot and has years of experience and pretty good online reviews. His staff was friendly and knowledgable, and the pricing seemed reasonable (2500 FUE grafts for $5 per graft for $12500 total potential surgery cost). On the other hand, I only got to speak with Dr. Canales himself briefly, and spent most of the time speaking with the head RN. The head RN also mentioned that the above FUE pricing was a special offer that they could guarantee if I decided to get the procedure end of this month (October) but that the price may go up if I decide to wait. This seemed *slightly* suspicious to me, but maybe I'm reading into it. So I'm wondering if anyone here has been to see him or gone through with having him perform a transplant and I wanted to hear about your experience? Would you recommend him? Did the results turn out like you'd hope? Is the "special offer pricing" a gimmick he uses to pressure people into making a decision or are price fluctuations a normal thing for HT doctors? Thank you all in advance for your help.