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  1. @lukeyb1687 thx for the journal and updates of your ht with dr. Cinik. You are the main reason of why I sought out Dr. Cinik. Absolutely blown away by your results. Anyhow, I was compelled to let you know. Hopefully I can get in with him mid Nov. ...but since I'm in the USA...its questionable due to the political bs.
  2. @Melvin-Moderatorsorry to keep blowing you up. I just found this article on your blog. in your opinion will I achieve at least 50% density in frontal 1/3 with 2500 grafts? Also would i be classified as advanced norwood 3 ? How Many Grafts per Square CM Are Required for Good Hair Transplant Density? 11/7/2016 8:45:38 PM Question: Just curious, in terms of getting good density from a hair transplant, how many grafts per cm2 would be needed? Answer: Achieving a 50% density level of original scalp density is a good goal to start with. It's been said that achieving 50% density will provide a good basis to support the illusion of coverage. Obviously in some cases a little more and in others with outstanding hair characteristics, a little less. So the bottom line is that it will vary between individuals, depending on the degree of hair loss and their individual hair characteristics.
  3. @Melvin-ModeratorTurkey is a better option even with travel. I will research India too. See Dr. Vories pricing
  4. @Melvin-Moderatorthx for your advice. hairfibers have been great for the crown, but horrible looking on front hairline and temples. I will look into Dr. Vories...thk you . I just got the iRestore laser helmet , curious to see if this helps improve thinning. My main concern is lowering hairline ( big A** forehead lol) building up thickness in the frontal 1/3 . Initially i didn't like that Dr Cinik quoted a low amount of grafts however now I see all of you guys are advocates for smaller sessions vs mega sessions that could deplete the donor area. I just want THICK HAIR AGAIN lol Oh and thx for the compliment on aging ...I do botox, derma roll and fillers to hold my age ....because I like to date young girls LOL
  5. @hairlossPA I just checked my quotes from everyone and Dr. Cinik did recommend 2000- 2500 grafts. All others were 3000-3500 ..Erdogan said a mind blowing 5000 I am planning on Nov and will post my journey here.
  6. @lasercap thx for the advice. I definitely prefer HT over SMP. The Dr.s that quoted me all have great results posted here, therefore I feel comfortable with any of them. It seems like Dr. Cinik has the most patients posting on here so I am leaning towards him. Two guys Ht that blew me away are @lukeyb1687and @Viktory
  7. Hi Guys ! I am new to the forum and would like to say thanks to all that contribute. This is absolutely the best HT forum . Background : advanced Norwood 3 or possibly a 4 ...really unsure since my previous grafts have a all been frontal. And due to hormone usage I may have advanced the thinning in some areas. 49 years old and I have had 2 small ( 2k grafts) FUT procedures in a 20 year period . I never thought of Turkey for HT until I found this forum and the results you guys post as well as the in depth discussions. Anyhow, I have been Dr shopping and have narrowed it down to a couple. I am on a mid tier budget, so Erdogan is out of the question. Matter fact, he quoted me $4,000 grafts for 10K euro...wasn't expecting that much sticker shock. I have been quoted by quoted that I need 3000-3500 grafts in temple , reinforce hairline and bring down 1cm max, also small balding area on crown. I have been taking 1 mg Propecia and Rogaine foam once and sometimes twice a day. Dr.s I am considering and whom have quoted me: Dr Cinik Dr Acar Transes medical ( the least expensive) Dr Karadeniz Dr. Apaydin I am awaiting a quote from Demirosy . Also was told by Dr Balwi my hair is too dense and not to do transplant..he would do SMP. My apologies for such a long post . I have been confusing myself over-researching the doctors . I am leaning heavily on going with Dr. Cinik, his staff answers all questions promptly etc. I have attached photos of hair dry, fresh out of bed hair lol, and a pic of my hair at 27 UPDATE : ADDED NORMAL PICS OF HOW I WEAR MY HAIR DAILY . THANK YOU TO ALL- THAT GIVE ADVISE