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  1. I'll get some pictures here shortly. It's hard without having someone else take the pictures in the area. I'm trying to see if I can get some opinions on whether or not Exosomes to the area might help. It's a shot in the dark but from some of the early stuff on Exosomes maybe this can help my case?
  2. I've come to accept that after my 3rd FUT procedure my donor area shock loss is permanent. From all the reading I've done if it hasn't come back by now it's gone forever. It's unfortunate but I made this decision. I just need to look ahead at what I can do to ameliorate this. One avenue I am exploring is BHT - more specifically from beard to donor area. Luckily I have pretty a dense beard that it may work to cover it and maybe with some SMP it might just help me conceal it. Can anyone recommend a great doctor in the US who is well experienced in this area? I don't know if scar revision will work since I already had a tight closure to begin with.
  3. Is it common to see shock loss occur in the donor area ~2.5 months after the procedure? I am experiencing loss in my donor area after my third FUT procedure and feeling pretty nervous. Also, I'm not sure if it's related but that area seems to be more sensitive with intermittent periods of warmth.