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  1. Stop. Save yourself misery. Dont ever look at what the clinic posts on forums. Always look at what patients post they are your on average results. They have 6 patients a day potentially 30 a week 120 a month but the best asmed can find to post is 1 a month at best. Dont let price influence you, if you cant afford trully ethical doctors then dont do it.
  2. Without wording is all after. I have to keep hair long just to cover it. No its not normal i have spoken to 7 top surgeons in the field and other actual experts and each of them separately said it looks like some permanent shock and less than great graft survival, when you consider how much native hair i had this all makes sense. Please dont ask me anymore questions here as im banned.
  3. FarsanUk 12 month result Koray Erdogan. Pre op and 12 month photos: Judge for yourself, no need for words photos paint a tainted story.
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