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  1. Hello Everyone, I just finished my HT with Dr. Ciniks office. I had 3400 donor from back of head, 1000 from beard/under chin, and 300 from the chest. Originally he said 3000-3500 total but I was shocked to find out they got 4700 total! It was pretty painful at times I wont lie. It lasted 7-8 hours. The only part that is sore afterwards is the tape bandage on my chest lol. One thing that puzzles me was towards the end. It seemed like the techs were already done placing the implanted hairs into their recipient sites (after Dr. Cinik made the channel openings). The techs then seemed to pull out hair/or skin not really sure mostly from the back of the head. They did this like 300-400 times then sprayed with liquid. We were already done with the implantation at that point so why do you think they used the tweezers at that point to what seemed like pulling out more hairs? After they used the tweezers (it hurt alot by the way) they then rinsed with spray liquid. Dried and put bandages. It could not have been they were taking out newly implanted grafts because that would not have hurt. I think they were taking out existing hair or skin around the newly implanted grafts. But why? I asked them but they didnt understand what I was asking and they seemed like the final result was fabulous. So do any of you guys ever have this issue? Thanks
  2. Looks great! I am going early December. Im 42 and I have about the same balding pattern as you. Norwood 5-6. Dr. Cinik said by email that he can harvest 3000-3500 grafts from donor (head, beard, chest) and this will provide about 80% total coverage. I hope this is the case since I already had an FUT strip procedure about 15 years ago (1300 grafts). The average male has about 6000 donor grafts I read somewhere so I hope I can get decent coverage. Originally I planned on my wife and kids coming with me. Bought 4 tickets and now they cant make it. I asked to stay a full week at the hotel at an extra 100 euro per night thinking that they will be with me like a mini vacation. Now I will be in Istanbul for 6 days after my transplant. Probably will stay at the hotel the whole time until my flight home. Please update your progress!
  3. So you had a total of 5500 + 3600=9100 grafts??. Wowww. I am having a procedure with him in 2 months and am a NW6. He said he can do 3500 grafts first surgery and possibly more.