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  1. Day 18 Updates! I will keep it short and sweet today by bullet point because there aren’t many new things to discuss. * Shedding: Light. It is not what I expected yet (and am secretly hoping I’m one of the fortunate few who do not shed at all). How do I know I’m shedding? Whenever I shampoo and condition my hair, I notice bits of hair in the foam. Good news is I can’t tell where they’re coming from and by this point the graphs should be secure. * Meeting with Dr. Diep: My short post-op meeting went well. It took about 10 minutes when he reviewed my scalp and let me know what to expect in the weeks to come. He said if by week 4 I haven’t shed, I am looking good to not undergo that part of the recovery, but that everyone’s progress is different. From what I’ve read, shedding can happen between Weeks 2-8 Post op. Naturally, I’m trying not to think about it.. if and when it happens, I’ll handle it haha. Dr. Diep commented that my recovery seems to be very quick considering how long it has been and he predicts I’ll have amazing results from what he can see so far. Here’s to crossing my fingers! Dandruff/Dry Scalp: My dandruff has improved since using Norizal; however, now that it’s more on the controlled side, I’m reducing my use of it to only two times per week. Why? It’s very strong and is drying out my scalp. Dr. Diep also mentioned this is a side effect and told me to use any conditioner as long as I made sure to thoroughly wash it out to prevent build up and blockage of the graphs (or it could damage them). He specifically mentioned Dove brand, but said any type is fine with a good wash to prevent buildup. Redness: Redness continues but is fading slowly. I can super tell because I’m being so observant but I’m not sure others notice as closely as I do. I’ve only received compliments for my buzz cut / shorter hair which is nice! It’s pretty wild to compare before and current pics! I had some brief buyer’s remorse... then realized it does look really great in a few months! I am planning a picture update on Day 21! Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi @LeftHook thanks for the comment and feedback! I’m hoping my thread helps people out... I figured since I’m going through this I might as well share too! I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed the updates! I’m hoping the next few months go by pretty quickly so I can continue to see results. I am a bit anxious of the “ugly duckling” phase I’ve read so much about as the hairs shed 😱 but only time will tell!
  3. Hi @Melvin-Moderator! Thanks man! I think so too! Most people just think I have slight sunburn to my head for some of the lingering redness. Anyone who does know is amazed it looks so natural! I’m quite pleased with the results so far
  4. Thanks @Shifty! I appreciate the comment! Hopefully I have a lighter shedding phase and I’m crossing my fingers I just don’t get one at all haha.
  5. Day 14 Updates! Since there wasn’t much to post I’ve been delaying updating this thread. Hope the info posted helps others - especially other Pacific Islanders with similar hair and skin tones. 🤙🏽 The major theme is DANDRUFF! From my research, I knew this could happen. I’ve never really had dandruff before so this was a battle on unfamiliar ground lol. Needless to say, it’s one that has irked me. The dandruff began mostly in the donor areas. Lots of dryness and flakes once the scabs had gone. It makes sense considering the healing process but still unpleasant. The donor areas are tender and somewhat sensitive. It doesn’t hurt but the whenever pressure is exerted on it, I don’t exactly like the sensations. Fortunately, as each day goes by, the sensitivity levels improve. With the improvement, I was able to start to shampoo my donor areas with anti dandruff shampoo. I initially tried Head and shoulders but the flakes were intense. I read and ordered (thanks Amazon) a bottle of NIZORAL. Within a few washes, a HUGE improvement! Watch your eyes though, this stuff stings! I’ve slightly tried to foam my recipient sites until today. From what I’ve read, 14 days is a great marker that the graphs are very safely attached (even some say Day 6 or so). Being overly cautious, I’ve decided to wait until today to massage a light bit of the shampoo into the donor areas. Light shedding so far from what I can tell from my fingertips after a donor placement massage. Thankfully, I can’t tell from looking at the areas where the hairs are coming from... even after a haircut today. I am hopeful the norizal helps eliminates the light dandruff building in the recipient sites. The foam seems to help so far and am hoping the light massage continues. Before my procedure, I let my barber/stylist know about my journey. I came in today and she loved it! She was very impressed and was almost as excited as I am to see where I am in a few months. She’s also glad I didn’t trim the hair left unshaven before the procedure myself lol. Here at the pics from today after a fresh cut to even out all areas except the recipient sites.
  6. Thanks for the comment Melvin! Yeah, I read similarly about the donor sites, but mine didn’t come off easily at first so I decided to be more gentle. As for the top, my post op instructions said Day 8 to clear scabs from the recipient site so I waited ever so patiently lol. It felt so great to be done and you’re right! Now it’s time for the fun of waiting for the growing 🙌
  7. Day 8 and 9 Updates! Over these two days I successfully conquered the scabs from the FUE! Removing the scabs was at first a gut-wrenching experience (probably because of the procedure cost 🤑). Then, it turned therapeutic and then that novelty wore off with the task at hand! After reading the instruction packet (and combining my research reading) I used my index and middle fingers to lightly do circular motions to remove the scabs. Before this process, the scalp scabs were initially soaked with the shampoo foam for a few minutes. I started at the rear of the scalp for practice (because the front was my priority zone). I would rinse the zone from time -to- time to ensure that there was no blood. Fortunately, no blood aka no purposefully dislodged graphs (at least I hope)! I did see a few short hair shafts connected to scabs which was expected so I didn’t freak out. The process took some time and patience. I initially started in the shower because I needed the shampoo of the remaining hair zones. Then I moved to the sink mirror so I could accurately remove zones as needed. Then I would use a small pitcher to rinse. Note: another benefit to shaving the entire head would be that the scabs would wash off more easily; however, I didn’t have that luxury. I needed a fine-toothed comb to very carefully remove scab debris from the remaining hair zones (not the donor or recipient areas). Over the course of the the two days I was able to remove everything. I didn’t force any of the stubborn ones but let them air dry and tried again the following day. Baby shampoo has been my friend. There was no pain, but the sides from the donor areas are very tender. They are starting to flake so I’ve started adding some light moisturizer to those areas only. I read aloe would be good too. I may give that a try as well! Here are the pics from the process below! Pic #1 is from Day 1 (24 hours after surgery) Pic 2 is from Day 7 the night before I could start removing scabs and the first whole head wash! Pic 3 is from Day 8’s first attempt to clear scabs Pics 4 and on are from Day 9 after the process was completed!
  8. Day 7 Update! The tightness of my head aka the helmet feeling has lessened considerably. I stopped applying ointment and am glad for the less than oily feel. Scabs are pretty loose now on the sides and coming off easily. I think the top cluster of scabs are ready to come off and I think I’ll feel better knowing they’re off my scalp haha I’m slightly concerned about what the scars will look like once the redness has diminished. Tomorrow is the big day to begin washing and gently removing the recipient site!
  9. Day 6 Updates! Swelling is down and I’m back to my normal self as of this morning... making it about 2 days or so. The theme for today is: SCABS! There have been plenty of scabs coming off with the daily sponge wash. My nurse friend said that the pink/reddish color will subside in a few days. In my opinion, it become even more noticeable. Post Op instructions say that I’m supposed to wait until Day 8 to massage the recipient site! Right now my routine has been to squeeze special shampoo foam onto it.. let it sit for a few moments and then use a small pitcher to wash it clean using lukewarm water. It’s looking ready for a gentle wash and I can’t wait! Im also considering buzzing the rest of my remaining hair. It was originally suggested that I do that and I didn’t. In the initial post op recovery says, the extra hair was like a barrier I appreciated. My friend helping me said she appreciated it but now it’s become irksome. I’ve read after 10-14 days it should be okay for a cut... but I’ve read also to wait 21-30 days as well 🥺
  10. Day 5 Updates! I’ll keep the narrative short today because there is not much to comment on. Healing is going well overall and I’m looking forward to a normal shower! I’m continuing with ointment allocations and daily donor area hair rinses to soften scabs. So far I’m getting lots of little scabs coming off with the sponge rinses. It’s therapeutic.
  11. Day 4 Update! Today’s major theme: Swelling. That’s right! It finally happened. My eyes (and just a small portion of my forehead) are officially in that stage of recovery. To be honest, I was really hoping I’d be able to skip this part from my recovery research, but I’ll hold out for maybe not shedding instead haha. The swelling sounds so much worse than it is in all honesty. When I look at myself in the mirror, I think it almost looks like I am wearing a facial prosthetic. I briefly thought about how a surgery near Halloween would have been brilliant! I’m hoping the swelling subsides soon because I’d like to be able to resume some general normalcy and at least do some things outside of the house. I’m bracing myself for things to look worse swelling-wise before they get better before then. As for the recovery and looks of my donor and transplant areas, I think they’re looking better every day. I’m slightly envious of all the pictures I’ve seen from others where their donor areas look cleaner than mine, but I’m going to remain patient for how my body is determining recovery. If the scab clots come off easily that’s what I’m allowing to happen and I’ll try not to worry about them much. There are several scabs towards the top which I’m watching and looking forward to dislodging in the days to come. Today was the first day I gently washed my transplant area and that was slightly nerve wrecking! Instructions said to take the clinic shampoo and squeeze out some of the foam directly on top without making contact with the sponge. Mission accomplished! It felt great for a quick rinse and to see some of the dried goodness get cleansed away. I was particularly gentle because I was fearful I’d see hair graphs washing away, but all I saw was some water discoloration. Basically, all that dried goodness being washed clear. Directions said cold to lukewarm water and I went towards the cooler temp out of caution. There’s no pain, but the lingering sense of tightness I’ve described to the sensation of wearing a baseball cap that’s too small for too long. A little crack pattern appeared today as well which I read was normal. Like many others, it freaked me out a bit. Two more days of antibiotics and 1 day left of Norco pain relievers. I was given some other ones which I’ll continue to take to ensure I am ahead of my pain management if needed. Im counting the down to Days 7 and 8 when the graphs are mostly secure and I can shower (almost) normally!
  12. I’m glad to hear someone experienced some of the same things I have been over the last few days! Hopefully around Month 4 my hair will be growing as rapidly as yours is right now! I agree with Melvin- we need some updates! 📸
  13. Day 3 Update! Today’s updates are slow... not much to report so I’ll list a few things below. Things I’m thankful for... * I’m thankful that the random bout of hiccups have not returned. I imagine that hiccuping plus the slight pressure of my scalp would be irksome. * I’m thankful that there isn’t any pain, but some mild pressure that is present but easy to ignore usually. If I were to describe it, I think it’s similar to wearing a baseball cap that’s just slightly too small. * I’m thankful for a really great friend to help manage the cleaning process and ointment applications. Its not for the faint of heart to see dried blood of the clots and incision areas, but she’s a champ! Plus she’s been so patient to help clean the areas I can’t see or reach with ease which is a huge relief to say the least! Things I’m wishing for... * I really wish I could to fully wash my entire head. Obviously, I know I can’t yet... but I miss the stream of hot water flowing over my head after just 72 hours! I seriously cannot wait for that to happen in the coming days! * I really wish I had been given and/or ordered more gauze mats for sleeping. I was given a few but I need them anytime I put my head down so I don’t smear everything with ointment or dried blood residue. * I really wish I could sleep normally, but I’m actually adjusting quite well to the 45 degree foam pillow I mentioned earlier. A perfect purchase imo! Here are Day 3 pics! Things are definitely looking better slowly but surely!
  14. Day 2 Update! Today I was pleased to be able to wake up after what I thought would be the hardest night to sleep. Losing the rear bandage was concerning for me but I was glad to shed it. It had filled up, pretty well plus the fresh air felt good. It did give me a sense of safety though for a time. The gauze mat was pretty effective in containing evening wound fluids. Fortunately, sleep after Day 1 came pretty easily and I was relieved to sleep through the night without shifting or moving from a 45 degree angle. The only odd thing I developed was hiccups which I read can occur rarely. Fortunately, they subsided on their own after a few hours but they were definitely annoying. They didn’t keep me from sleep but when I was awake they did start to become irritating. Two things I have to recommend for post op recovery: * A foam 45 degree pillow! It’s proven to be an amazing sense of comfort knowing I’m at the angle I need to be at each evening. Ordered via amazon for $30 or so. * Travelers’ Neck pillow. I owned one previously - one of the softer ones and it works great to keep me feeling stable. Since the clinic is closed every Sunday, today was my first day to go in for a wash. The two front desk associates were very kind and helpful. The office is a busy place and they handle it so well. After my wash, more ointment was put on and I was left to my own devices. Wearing a cap, I felt fine to go light grocery shopping. Nothing too strenuous and I was back watching movies in no time. The state of my head feels like a helmet but fortunately no pain. Sensations are returning to my scalp as well. The meds have been laid out and timed out so I’m ahead of the curve there. My friend created a chart of meds to take when, with food, etc. The organization no doubt helped make sure I was comfortable! The wounds are still weeping/leaking some clear fluid a bit but no signs of infection due to the 3x a day ointment smear. The clotting and scabs from the rear head incisions have become more apparent today. Mild itching but nothing that really bothers me or makes me suspect I’ll scratch. It’s mostly relieving to feel something on my scalp tbh. I’m looking forward to Day 4 or 5 when I can wash the recipient site gently, but am also very anxious to do so. I’ll be reading and re-reading how to do that for sure! The pictures below are from tonight right after an ointment smear. Will update soon!