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  1. That I know but if the grafts are super strong because taken from "safe" zones, clearly identified, the hairs should grow for years with that calibre. It's ok there could be some problems throughout the years, but I accept this to happen after 10 years at least. The thing is that a transplant is proposed as a DURABLE solution from every physician, but if the quality (the appearance) of the results loses after 2/3 years, that's insane, It's a mockery! Do you agree with me?
  2. It would be revelatory to collect such information...
  3. that's interesting! that's a fair result over time! Hope that's real and NOT just an extraordinary case!
  4. Hello People, I want to open this discussion about the objective duration of a hair transplant. I had various hair transplants during the last few years which I'm not satisfied with at the moment (I always kept the official, high standards, maintaining cure done). I was very much satisfied until a few months ago when I started to notice a consistent hair fall and a shedding of the transplanted area too. It would be so much interesting for everyone I bet to collect as many (real) information as possible about the stability of a hair transplant over time (I mean at least more than 10 years), especially If performed by top surgeons, so we can exclude the variable of a no well-made operation. Any of you have reports, information, a story to share about hair transplant overtime ???? I think it is in the interests of all here (both patients and surgeons who work ethically) to feel safer and more serene to invest (because we all know the financial sacrifice that there's behind) in this kind of hair loss treatment. Cheers