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  1. Hi All, This is a first time Ive ever felt a strong empathetic pull to sit down and share an experience with my fellow man, sufferers. Me, being a fit 47 yr old caucasian with a 6-7 baldness and like anyone on the planet, except maybe the Rock or Danny Devito, find that my head looked better with a hat (Hair Alternative Treatment). Ive spent years cruising the net collecting a lot of confusing and conflicting information. The fact that there is an internet war going on between the mill clinics doesn't help clarify anything. First off, let me state one thing. I am on my 12th day after the operation and I am pleased. Dr. Yaman and crew did a beautiful job. I realize the growth will most probably fall out in a couple of weeks due to shock, but I can enjoy what will be till then. This is my story; I lost most all the hair I was going to lose in my first divorce to due stress and probably genetics when I was 35. I tried the usual gambit of Rogaine and came to the conclusion that nothing really works and that Rogaine will only help stop the shed and maybe, if Im lucky, give me a few strands back. The other consideration was Finestrade. Im a little conservative with my body chemistry and decided to not to risk it. Wearing my different hats, Ive let the last 12 years slip by, subconsciously waiting for some pharmaceutical company laboratory to have a eureka moment. This is now. Three months ago Id taken a sabbatical and have been traveling Europe with my family in tow. We needed to leave the European Union due to the 90 day visa restriction and Turkey, ground zero to civilization, came to mind. Well worth it, a beautifully diverse, friendly country. Since I was aware that Turkey was also ground zero for hair transplantation it got me thinking and I started conservatively dipping my toe in the maybe, maybe not decision to have a hair transplant. My biggest concerns were scarring, looking like Frankenstein for a long period of time, looking like Ive had a hair transplant, not getting the number or transplants paid for(swindled) or the transplants not taking root. Cost was and should be the lowest denominator. What honed me into looking at Dr Yaman closer, besides before and after shots, are that I kept running into indicators that he's constantly active in the forefront of transplant development techniques. Im very pragmatic and the no frills, no gimmicks. Theres very little fluff in the way his clinic presents itself and that attracted me. Practical and to the point of only concentrating on hair transplantation and nothing else was my impression. Sales is not what they are about. He doesn't claim perfection or hide transplants surgeries that don't have the desired outcome. I found him to be sincere and honest. The biggest hurtle, for me personally, in the whole process of finding a doctor was trust. You have to trust. You can't count the transplants or measure the care in taking the donors or implanting. You have to find a clinic that cares about what they do and take pride in it. I had 4100 grafts. We're talking 8200 holes in my head with the outs and ins! I asked about a few more for the crown and was told by Dr. Yaman that more would be excessively traumatic and not conducive to success. Come back in a year he said. I have enough donors available for another round. The surgery took eight hours, and yes, all that is the latest and greatest was done and used. Dr Yaman cuts all the canals himself dictating the hair growth direction. They guarantee 90% graft success. I can count the grafts Ive lost due to scabbing on one hand. I believe that post care is half the battle. The first four days I slept on a little pillow with my head hanging off the edge of the bed and rested during the day. I followed the post care meticulously and was picked up every day by the clinic to do a wash. The whole process was all inclusive and I paid casually after the surgery. I have decided to protect and supplement my progress by taking finistrade. The hairs transplanted are resistant to DHT, but maybe I can regrow some of the top weaklings in the mix. Pics are worth a thousand words so here is my noggin today.