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  1. I think I recall 4500 and then 3000 for the front hairline further reduction downwards and density and more filling on the side and maybe crown.
  2. Im over 50.lol. Dr Dieps site has overhead, there wasnt much hair. had lots on the sides due to genetics. wonderful wonderful gift I got. I do look much younger after it and I can do more, just takes funds.lol
  3. Dr Diep brings artistry to hair transplants. The planted hairs are put in a very dense way, completely eliminating bald areas. Also the design of the hairline he is exceptional. I had an initial procedure which covered the front and crown which went very smoothly. Very good staff and after surgery visits care. The hairs took very well, I ended with a very dense much much younger look. Then I did a second procedure to bring down the hairline. Now I look younger and its just amazing. He also does a-cell that promotes growth right after surgery. All in all exceptional work. He has many people fly in from all over the world and there is good reasons for this.