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  1. sorry i mean 14 weeks. And this not in connection with normal shedding but in connection with one large pimple that lasted for more than a week
  2. Hey guys! I am 14 weeks in. This was a little big pimple for a while. I let it be, but comes out suddenly without blood. Have I lost( dislodged) my graft after so long.?
  3. Hi guys Sorry it’s been a long since my last update. Today is my 3 month. No complications except a few pimples and I am still little red on the bottom of donor area Here are my pictures and I need your opinion.
  4. Thanks for your response and kind comment CosmoKramer.
  5. So under those cracks or space the grafts are dead or what? I have never seen such a case before!
  6. Hi guys, I”d notice that space . first appeared a 2 long strip of dandruff yesterday. and when I washed my hair today I found no hair instead. is that normal or does transplant hair fall after just a 6 days?I not understand why long strips.
  7. It looks dark because of daylight. That one is Under very high light at the night. but both are taken today
  8. Why you think that ??!! That is another picture in the same position.
  9. Hi everyone. It is done!! 2914 grafts FUE method. Had my surgery on October 25, 2019, I only take vitamin Biotin. There was no pain, just the first three minutes and everything was fine. The doctor and his team look very clean, professional and they are also friendly. the team includes 5 people Doctor Demirsoy, his assistant Muzzefer and three nurses ladies. I felt like I was in safe hands. My experience with the doctor and his team was really perfect. Doctor Assistant Muzzafer is also a very nice person. He can speak English and German. He always answers the questions before and after the operation. He also arranges hotels and transport. When I submitted my photos for consultation, the doctor recommended 3000-3500. I got 2914 grafts. The doctor said that's enough. consultation, hair line design, haircut and surgery took 9 hours from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. It was a 20 minute lunch break. I am very happy with my new hair line and can't wait for the results in 6 months. The last three photos took today (5 days after surgery) with high resolution iphone 11 pro camera. The rest took it with the clinic camera
  10. Hello everyone! I am a 46 year old man who started losing hair in 2009 to 2010. I don't know why I lost my hair during that period. It has always been my dream to have a hair transplant and now I am ready for it. After some online doctor and clinic searches, I chose to go to Turkey at Doctor Demrisoy to perform a hair transplant. Between 3000 and 3500 grafts to fill temples, lower the hairline and "dense packing" in the temples and hairline. Why did I choose the doctor Demisroy? 1- Dr.Erkan Demirsoy performs hair surgery approximately for 15 years. He has been a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) since 2003. 2- He does not market as hard as other doctors and clinics. 3- Dr Demirsoy himself does more than 70% of the work. Planning of hair transplantation, hairline design, graft extraction and canal opening are performed by Dr. Demirsoy. 4- Dr. Demirsoy only takes one patient a day, which means his care should be only to me that day. 5- He doesn't have many results on the internet because he only takes one patient a day, I think. But all his results that I checked here and on other forums were very good. I'm happy to meet the great doctor Demirsoy next Friday.😊 My plan is to update you with pictures every three months.
  11. Great result at 5 months. Did you have any PRP under surgery or after your HT ?
  12. You are right Melvin and I performed many results from real patients in relation to Dr. Demisrøy here and on many other forums. I have not found any negative results. But hair transplant isn't just about a surgeon. But there are several other factors, and surgeon just one of them. Some of criteria:
  13. Hi Limeyaz! I have sent Dr Demirsoy an online consultation. Three days later I received a report from him saying that the closest hour is after 6 weeks. They wait for you 14 days to pay the 500 euro security deposit, unless you lose their hour.
  14. Yaman makes operations less than 1 euro. An operation no matter how many graft costs $ 1500. This happens because he does multiple operations per day by his techniques. Yaman himself has a small role. He only opens channels and the rest of the work is done by his nurses. I think one should distance himself from clinics that do many surgeries per day no matter which doctor is the boss.
  15. According to many good results from several forums, I decided to transplant my hair in the Armamed clinic in the Turkey, and I already booked an appointment with Dr. Demirsoy in the next month(October).