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  1. You are right Melvin and I performed many results from real patients in relation to Dr. Demisrøy here and on many other forums. I have not found any negative results. But hair transplant isn't just about a surgeon. But there are several other factors, and surgeon just one of them. Some of criteria:
  2. Hi Limeyaz! I have sent Dr Demirsoy an online consultation. Three days later I received a report from him saying that the closest hour is after 6 weeks. They wait for you 14 days to pay the 500 euro security deposit, unless you lose their hour.
  3. Yaman makes operations less than 1 euro. An operation no matter how many graft costs $ 1500. This happens because he does multiple operations per day by his techniques. Yaman himself has a small role. He only opens channels and the rest of the work is done by his nurses. I think one should distance himself from clinics that do many surgeries per day no matter which doctor is the boss.
  4. According to many good results from several forums, I decided to transplant my hair in the Armamed clinic in the Turkey, and I already booked an appointment with Dr. Demirsoy in the next month(October).
  5. Hi Dr. Glenn Charles Appreciate your comment.
  6. Hey I am a new member. I want to do hair transplant in Turkey. which one is the best for my front side baldness as shown in the pictures. Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz / Dr. Resul Yaman / Dr.CINIK Which one is best to choose ? Please can you recommend experiences with each ? Any advice please ? according to my picture which kind or grade of baldness I have? How many grafts does enough for my baldness? Have I a good donor area? Thank you new member