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  1. Hi Dr. @LaserCap It would be very kind if you can respond to my queries in my last comment specially about PRPs and falling of whole grafts during first few head washes? Regards, Akash
  2. Hi, Thanks for your response. Would you be so kind and recommend some good brands of organic coconut oil available in amazon?, also can I mix it with almond and castor oil, is that a good idea? Regards, Akash
  3. Hi Dr. Glenn Charles, It would be very kind if you can refer to my above comment and respond. Regards, Akash
  4. Hi, Thanks for replying. Your patients who appeared to have a tougher/ harder skin - Did they had their shedding phase in 1-5 weeks after their HT or did their shedding phase took more time like mine?
  5. Hi, Many many thanks for all your responses. I must confess I have a very bad diet, I hardly get to eat home cooked food (3-4 days a week I order food from restaurant - 80% of the times chicken). It is very likely I will go for a second transplant in the future, so having a healthy diet and reducing intake of turmeric would diminish the chances of this Popping issue right? During the procedure I also had another issue, the doctor told me that the local anesthesia effect on my scalp was fading off too quickly than normal, which he had also attributed to my hard scalp skin problem. @LaserCap : Sir my hairline was drawn by the doctor (free hand) just 10-15 minutes before the transplant, and honestly I was happy just by thinking that I would have that much hair and didn't pay much attention to the sides, I am attaching 4 pics of sides (L & R) taken after 12 days when I went for PRP and now i.e. after 9weeks - would love your opinion. During the first 2-3 head washes (1st head wash was after 8 days of HT) I observed that some whole grafts were coming out, I took a photo (attached) just to keep as a reference in case I go for a 2nd transplant in the future , it would help to consult with the doctor. Is this normal ? does whole grafts come out after first head wash? Lastly, my doctor is telling me to get a PRP done every month for the next 6months - each costs around 50USD, but I read somewhere that PRP treatment is experimental, so would it be advisable to get one PRP every month? Please Note :- I don't drink or smoke and I have been taking finasteride (alternate days or sometimes every 2days) and minoxildil (once every day) for almost the last 9 years and recently after the HT I am taking Follihair (biotin) once every day. Regards, Akash
  6. Hi, My name is Akash, I am from India, I had a HT surgery (9weeks back). I just wanted your honest, clear cut opinion about a query I have and it would be very kind if you can spare a few minutes to respond to my query. During my surgery (9 weeks back) I was told by the doctor that I have a very hard skin and there is a popping effect (when they were trying to insert one graft the surrounding grafts were coming out), and after 9 weeks now I can see that most of my grafts (specially in the temporal area) have neither grown nor shed. I am very worried as I read that shedding normally occurs after 1-5 weeks of the transplant, and also heard from a youtuber that if transplanted hair doesn't grow or shed within 3-4 months then they are as good as dead and new hair won't come out from them. Please can you confirm this?, if it is true then my transplant most probably has failed. And, is there any way to soften scalp skin, in case I go for a 2nd transplant in the future. Regards, Akash