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  1. And this is what I meant. Watch this revealing video by Matt Dominance and do the count- https://youtu.be/Ij69M01_UGU and you'll get to know what I meant. Research is more important than falling for hard sell. One more thing, you can get cheated anywhere in the world. This immoral trait is not confined to Turkey or India or the East.
  2. mathur

    My progress so far

    How have you coped with baldness since the last procedure? Or is it stable now? Any updates about how the crown looks at this stage?
  3. Density seems low. Was he on Propecia? Can you provide a comb through which is the industry norm?
  4. My doctor has advised me to have 2500 scalp grafts planted for the hairline and midscalp. We both agreed to treat the crown with medications and if it does not work, I can always get the crown filled. It is pertinent to mention that my scalp donor density is average and I can safely get upto 5000 grafts in a lifetime. This is besides the 1200 grafts available from the body. I am excited about my hair transplant journey after the procedure next week. I plan to post my progress on this thread.
  5. Can you share images of your donor area ? I mean with scalp shaved?
  6. I can tell where you are coming from. I am considering only Indian Clinics now. Have been on this forum for much too long 9though as a Guest) to realise that they are concertedly being underrated on these threads. And this surely also is not coincidental!
  7. That comment is not rude, Sir! Its outright UGLY. Since you commented on my thread, I have gone through your entire badmouthing of an eminent HR surgeon in Belgium. I have every reason to believe you are a paid shill. Dr Devroye's practice is reputed. You surely have an axe to grind.
  8. Is this 3000 grafts or hairs/follicles? I can count more than 3000 punch holes but not as many grafts. Was any other area also covered. Can you show that other recipient site please?
  9. Hi California. I am based in Gwalior, India at present and keep shuttling for work to Bangalore. I will be back in San Francisco Bay Area in December but hopefully wish to get the procedure done by October. Thanks for your interest. I will meet you for sure!
  10. I am a 28 year old Indian who went to US on a 2 year attachment with the IT company headquarters at Silicone Valley when I was 25. Within 3 months I started losing a lot of hair. The condition has gotten to such a pass that I am almost fully bald. I find I losing all my confidence and this is reflecting at my place of work. i tend to stay aloof. I wonder if anything can be done for me. Will I have a result at all. Can you point to me any surgeons in North India. In or around New Delhi. I do not wish a painful procedure like the cut method they call the FUSS! Is surgery painful? How much time to get the result? Please help me. I need to be done with this fast. Planning to get married in 2020.
  11. Hey! Nice result. Its been over 2 years since you last posted your result. I see you got the procedure done in the Summer of 2015. Can you post your result at 4 years please! It will really help me in knowing tht hair transplants are permanent. Also, did you take Finasteride in the long term?
  12. Hi there! Impressive result by Dr Dogonay. I am presently looking for long term results from shortlisted doctors. Can you kindly post the present result since its been quite some time since your procedure. I will be grateful. I am considering Dr Dogonay since I find him to be a good doctor for hair restoration. Any additional feedback will be welcome. Did you take Finasteride? Are you continuing to take it?