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  1. So I have completed 150 days after the procedure and here are my updates. I hope you all find a takeaway from this. Do comment if you have any questions for more information.
  2. Hello guys, This is my 3rd month after the procedure. It has been quite a journey. I have, however, experienced no shedding in my hair. The hair are growing and I can see a visible difference. I am also benefiting with the use of Finasteride. The thinning in my crown and donor have also stopped. They have started improving drastically.
  3. Hey, I am completing 2 months after my procedure and my hair growth is unusually fast. I have not experienced all of the hair shedding off. Rather, I am seeing my hair growing back as it is. I am on Finasteride. I am taking a high protein diet. The growth is supposed to continue for the coming months.