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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am sure the density will keep increasing until the 12th month. I will keep you all updated about my progress. I am a fast grower. I feel I'm lucky with regards to the speed of hair growth. Normally the growth starts within 4 to 6 months.
  2. Thank you sir. I am also taking the prescribed hair specific multivitamins regularly along with Finasteride and have upped my diet with lots of proteins and fresh veggies. I can vouch for the fact that I have experienced better hair health with it.
  3. Thank you sir. This is so reassuring that the forum members are extremely supportive of my results. I am forever indebted to all of you.
  4. Soon I was in the operating room, for my hair restoration procedure! My affair was of one day. Meticulous planning was made to keep a customised, smart, relevant & practical hairline for ever, which would suit my face at 50-60-70 years of age, keeping in mind the ongoing progression of the baldness and retaining the donor bank for the future need. Close to 3000 grafts were placed on his bald frontal and temple area. Adequate Fronto-Temporal angle was kept aligning with the shape of the nose, chin, frontal bones and the eyebrows. Thin, slow growing and lighter hair follicles were chosen to create the “Hairline Zone” and the temple area. Upto 400 single hair grafts were placed in the hairline and 150 single hair grafts were placed on each temple. These “selected singles” were harvested meticulously from the nape of the neck and area above the ear to match the intending “baby hair” look on the front and temples. Some of the doubles were dissected into singles under the microscope of 20 X magnification by the most expert hands in the team. I was asked to start tablet Finasteride 1 mg daily to prevent the ongoing baldness along with minoxidil lotion. (I am only upon Finasteride and due to cumbersomeness I am not using the lotion!) Result: The hair started growing up within first month and the first hair cut was by 3 months. (This is not un-usual at Eugenix to experience the phenomenon of very early hair growth of the planted grafts, without even going through the accepted “Telogen Effluvium” phase! This phenomenon happens at Eugenix, more often than not, due to the 1) Direct Hair Transplantation, DHT technique, wherein there is least “out of body time” for the grafts in combination with 2) “No Root Touch” concept. Due to these two “religious principles” in hair restoration, at Eugenix, we could avoid ischaemia, traumatic challenge and hence the over all “Shock” to the transplanted grafts and very often we witness an early growth, as early as by one month, without going through the universal Telogen phase of shedding of the transplanted hair. Since I am in-house with Eugenix, my everyday progress has been documented by high quality pictures, under the direct supervision of Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal! (To be honest, the doctor duo are very fanatic about every details of the procedure and more so in documenting it well.) So, we have got a huge library of the journey of my hair transplant upto 6 months now. The “out of the park” result has enabled me to have a fresh non bald life with renewed enthusiasm. I pride in the fact that “no one can make out that I got a procedure done!”
  5. So I have completed 150 days after the procedure and here are my updates. I hope you all find a takeaway from this. Do comment if you have any questions for more information.