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  1. Yes, they injected this straight after the procedure was done in fact. Thank you everyone for your replies. I was certainly vulnerable and really did not have any information on what was really required - which they tried to take full advantage of.
  2. Thank you to you both. When I saw €1200 and I said my cards are at the hotel room and she said "it's okay, our driver can take payment" and then said "it will be difficult to open the file tomorrow", that I wasn't purchasing anything until I'd done more research. Will most pharmacies in Istanbul have those two items, Proscar (Procepia) and Minoxidil (Regain/Rogain) and be able to serve freely over the counter? LaserCap, I saw the PRP but really don't fancy injecting myself, yesterday's procedure was enough for a while! Maybe I'll feel differently in a week or 2 if the application of it is really worth it. Thank you for the baby shampoo advice too, that'll save paying lots of ££££'s because something comes in a shiny box and says it's for hair transplant recovery.
  3. Hello, I've attached 2 images of products I'm being offered and their prices for aftercare treatment. The total quote for all of the products is €1200! Are they trying to take advantage? What is actually recommended for after care treatment? In one image it lists either their price or the price of the product bought directly from the company and then their price. To the right is the required amount.