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  1. Wow, Danny! looks Awesome.. Since I'm myself a Dr Bisanga patient, and we talked about it that I went just couple of month before you did: (a) Of course you're 100% legit. (b) I was happy after 4 months, but now I'm in 6 months... and the growth continue.. so, I can tell you that you're going to be surprised (c) about the color.. for example, I'm looking more blond now .. i guess the color change is just because now we have more hairs on our head.. (d) Bisanga is top Elite Dr! I never understood those people that goes on the journey and then leave all tho
  2. great growth/recovery at 2.5 month, your donor looks solid after 4,300 almost untouched.. and the center part with the native hairs that you've been worried about looks awesome, I don't know when you've been on fibers but I don't think you need them now.. can't wait to see what coming next.. Thanks for updating..
  3. hey Danny, how is it going? any updates? (btw, I'm deep in the 🦆...)
  4. Maxmind90, what are you shampoo your head with? looks like tons of crust on the native hair.. I'm few weeks after you on the recover from HT timeline, also had mine with Dr Bisanga, and also had some crust, but not severe as yours. what I did was I switched from baby shampoo to head and shoulders once a week and also used soft brush to massage the crust off very gently from my head. although I still have redness at week 7 I don't feel too much itchiness to the point that it's really bothering me - do you feel it really bad?
  5. I was so ashamed telling people about it, probably it was the biggest fear that hold me for long time from having the surgery. so, before the surgery I consulted friends and family and got tons of support from everyone..and it made it a bit easy for me to start to open up, then I realized, No ONE CARES... It's a great conversation piece as people might ask as they want to know details about it but no ones gives to it more than 2-3 minutes of attention. even I told girls that I dated with before the surgery, I shared with them that I'm about to have an hair transplant , as I wanted to se
  6. I have the same thing. I'm 1.5month post op and I've been using baby shampoo daily and been relatively gentle; I wonder if switching for a few days to head and shoulder shampoo will clear this out ..?
  7. 🤣🤣 I got to the ugly duckling myself, Imagine success on dates during this time, it's 100% game! I had a week that I washed my hair above the sink and it looked like I shaved my beard , or woke up and the pillow looked like I cleaned my hair clipper machine on it. strange thing that the hair that fall doesn't look like it include the root part... it's looks like it's been cut .. crossing fingers that it will grow back, I was so happy with my crown 2 weeks ago. 😪 Thanks for the update Danny! Say hello to Bisanga for me.. I hope to meet him when he is in NYC.
  8. Hey Danny... what's the latest? any ugly duckling phase kicking in?
  9. Hi Danny, Thanks for keep updating! Well, I have to admit, I also have my concerns with my situation, for example, one side of my head looks like it got more singles and the other got more doubles/triples, so visibly it looks like one side has more hair than the other (*will it affect the end results, IDK, I cannot know..) and maybe it's just the nature of this HT surgery, that nothing is guaranteed and since you're not seeing your final results for a very long 1 year after the surgery - it just leaves so much room for question marks and doubts. from looking at your photos,
  10. Yeap, BaldingBogger, that started for me as well at day 5-6 , and indeed it's much worse at night.. hope that It's getting better as we speak.
  11. Yes, your donor looks good, I think you're going to have great results. Keep bringing those updates it's great.
  12. well, (day12) I had somewhat a little bit less pain in the past 24hours, so getting cautiously optimistic about starting a trend of decline in pain .. Ftothe - I think the pain is very individual thing, and not it's very common in FUE, at least from the research I did pre-OP, I wasn't prepared to have a 10days post OP of pain.. but again hope it's getting better and it was just a bump. P.S. : the shave look with those grafts it look so nice, those hairs are growing day-by-day, makes me wanna cry (lol) thinking abt the shedding that is around the corner and the ugly
  13. Well, I don't think it's infection Thanks God. I sent all the scalp photos to the clinic's advisor, It's looks clean job and pretty similar to yours. It's just this pain that peaked few days ago and of course, if it won't drop in a week or two or so, I'll get it check more seriously. My Surgery was 2 long days, I had 4100 grafts. (I'm still on the fence starting my thread with photos and all, but eventually I might just do it.) Absolutely world class Dr! and I'm crossing my fingers ( hands and legs) for both of us.
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