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  1. So it’s been over a year and one month since I got my operation and I have to say I am so happy with how my result has turned out. Best decision I’ve made for myself and I feel so good because of it. Taking risks are worth it for me most certainly!! I’ve also now been on Fin for 4 months and I have no side effects what so ever, so that is something else I am very happy about. :) :) Thank God!!!








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  2. Hey guys, I’m now on month 9 and 3 weeks and overall I’m fully satisfied with my result if it wasn’t to improve anymore! 
    I recently two weeks ago decided to try a buzz cut and I’m really happy about my donor area! It to me is pretty much is undetectable! :) I also started finasteride 3 days ago.. (Just to be on the safe side)

    I know a lot of people worry about side effects, but truthfully I think it’s in people’s heads imo.. if you think the worse, it’s going to happen because of the pressure you’re putting on yourself... Even though I actually haven’t lost any hair specifically on any other areas of my scalp other than having a receded hairline since my teens, I still just decided to try fin and so far to me it agrees with me and I’m under the impression I’m going to be fine! (It pays to be optimistic, literally my tactic prior to HT, refuse to worry or cast doubt into my head space) Anyways enough of that! Here’s some recent photos! :D






  3. Hey guys I’m just a few days over 7 months and the progress has improved a lot since. I’m pretty happy so far with the outcome, only the left temple still has to fill in a little bit/mature/thicken up! Hopefully in the last few months approaching the 12 month mark will the entire result be A1! I think I’m heading to the result I exactly imagined in my head! Haven’t cut my hair since OP so it’s really messy atm! 😂😄🙏🏻




  4. 1 hour ago, Warmachine said:

    What are those dots for in the front? Is that just a marker? 

    I’m assuming you’re speaking about the result of receiving a painless anaesthesia ahaha.. So it was pretty much a needle pen that they punch into the surface of my skin around the surrounding areas to prepare for my operation. I received it around my forehead and the back of my head so I didn’t feel much discomfort with extraction and placement of grafts. It was a little annoying to me at first because they too have to heal with the redness and they too for me took around the same time to fade with the redness!

  5. 7 hours ago, Vickykuril said:

    Its so weird that none of the members commented on the age of the patient and what he has to expect after a decade. 3500 grafts for 23 yr old is alot and if he’s not on medication why bother getting a HT done cuz everything else is going to fall anyway. If a 23 yr old patient has lost so much hair at this age a HT is not gonna fix anything if he’s not on medication plus his donor is also weak for a 23 yr old. This is my opinion senior members can guide better

    Well, I’ve had a receded/high hairline since 15-16, I haven’t actually experienced hair loss or at least noticed anything since then .. But, I do plan to take finasteride at some point in my life if it is needed when I can see evidence of thinning. Truth be told I’m not too fussed if I lost hair in my middle age, I’m more concerned with living today as I have my youth lol... I wouldn’t consider my donor weak personally as I’ve seen far worse individuals have a HT and it still worked out amazing for them? At the end of the day a hair transplant is never going to fix a balding problem truly only make it look more presentable than it did before so realistically it’s better to try than to sit and accept a fate you do not want which for me is to have my hairline back and I took that a chance hoping things will work out... I appreciate your opinion but I have to disagree..

  6. 12 minutes ago, Raphael84 said:

    Hi @BEL8

    Thanks for posting your photos and sharing with the community.

    Do you have any pre op and immediately post op images to better understand the situation/complete area that was addressed?

    Who was your physician?

    Yeah, here is a few pictures


    And regarding the physician.. I got my HT in Istanbul, Turkey with a company called “SuleHairTransplant” They have an Instagram page with a lot of different patients results and have footage of the operation before and after and the area that they oversee within. I also know quite a lot of people from my country who’ve went here and have returned with really good results, so mostly one of the reasons I ended up making this decision to have it here as I didn’t want to go somewhere I haven’t witnessed results first hand. It’s located in a hospital sector within “Medical Park”. The operation was carried out by technicians I’m positive, which I also know is a risky move for some, but for me personally I was willing to as my native hair is quite decent and quite frankly I don’t really have anything to lose!

    Mostly just anxious due to all the time and effort that I can’t get back, so I’m optimistic about a great end result. (Here’s hoping!)






  7. I’m looking for opinions on how things are progressing for someone who got 3500 grafts. I know it’s still pretty early to determine the outcome of the procedure as I’m a week shy of being 5 months post OP.. I’m satisfied with my hairline design and what not , but I’m somewhat anxious on whether or not the density will be enough when the hairs start to mature.. Which again I won’t know until a few more months (I think)... Maybe I’m too in my head about it and I know others are worried about how their result is going to turn out so it is normal. I guess I’m just hoping for the best of my situation.. Anyways I would appreciate some feedback! Thank you.

    Also I started growing early from 2/2.5 months







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