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  1. It's funny how Diep said you are a candidate but Konior, Erdogan and H&W all rejected you, that should tell you something about Diep, luckily you took your time consulting other doctors otherwise this could have been a disaster if you went with Diep.
  2. @biceps sorry to hear that man, like H&W said best to wait as technology has advanced, maybe there is a new technology or medication that pops up in a few years, don't lose hope, good luck
  3. Maybe check with an other derm, consulting multiple doctors is always good I feel you man, it's mentally exhausting, I had a failed procedure a few years ago then I had a repair procedure in the summer, now coming up on month 4 post op and I haven't seen much yet, still early but I am honestly kinda over the whole hair loss thing, I feel like sometimes it's best to accept things and just move on, maybe you can stay on meds if you are not dealing with any side effects, for me minoxidil gave me side effects and I had to stop, I am using fin but I am also dealing with side effects now and I think I am about to stop pretty soon just waiting to see the results of my hair transplant, it's like you are playing a catch up game, try consulting with a few more doctors and if you get rejected I would say it will be time to move on.
  4. It's difficult to predict future hair loss, you can look at your family history and consult with your doctor but still it's difficult to predict. You might lose hair in the future or you might stay a Norwood 4, a lot of people that do hair transplants don't take medication, it's a risk but worst case scenario you get a 2nd procedure down the road. You don't really need propecia for a hair transplant to work, propecia only works to stop future hair loss, the hair taken from the donor is immunue to DHT so it's not depended on propecia, anyways minoxidil can be enough, if you are going to lose more hair in the future it will be gradual you are not going to end up a norwood 7 in a few months. In the future if you feel like you are losing hair rapidly you can start medication, consult with the doctor that did your hair transplant, they will be able to assist you and monitor your hair and plan for any future hair loss. Good luck.
  5. It does look like you have some thinning in your donor, I would actually consult with a dermatologist and see what they tell you maybe you have DUPA? Erdogan is really good when it comes to donor management, so if he rejected you than thats something to think about, on the other hand I would not consider Diep he is not good with donor management. Stay on the medication for now, I would actually stop nizoral, personally I think it's overrated, it does more harm than good, your hair looks really dry and frizzy and that might be because of nizoral, also if you read the label on the shampoo one of the side effects listed is hair loss, I would stop nizoral for now, consult with a dermatologist, and maybe consult with a few more doctors and see what they say, maybe someone like Hasson & Wong, if you get rejected by other doctors then I would not consider a hair transplant for now, keep us updated and best of luck.
  6. Exactly, it's 2 different situations, the other patient paid a lot of money and was butchered, he ended up with a horrible scar plus the doctor diagnosed him with narcosis at some point and than later he told him he misdiagnosed him and later wanted 12,000$ to repair his hair, totally different case. After care matters, at least the doctor here offered the patient a free procedure also his donor looks really good so he is not screwed for life.
  7. Because the other patient had a butchered donor and recipient area and the doctor showed no sympathy towards the patient but wanted to charge him 12,000$ on top of the 18,000$ that he paid to fix his hair. At least the patient here still has good donor and was offered a 2nd procedure for free.
  8. Sorry to hear about what you are going through, I know how hard this is for you, I feel like sometimes you could go to the best doctor in the world and end up with very bad growth, I have seen a lot of cases on here from patients that went to top clinics that ended up with bad results, sometimes there is no explanation as to what went wrong. The fact that the clinic asked you to comeback and gave you a free procedure shows that they stand by their work, but also thats the least thing that they could have done since you lost precious grafts. Regarding the deleted post, a lot of clinics do this, they don't want to hurt their reputation, one bad post can ruin a clinics image, but that's not your fault since you are only sharing your experience here, what happened sucks and you are not in the wrong here. Looking at the bright side, you are not bald and you have a lot of hair on top, your hair situation is not that bad, your donor seems good, you might be able to get 1000-1500 grafts from your donor, I would consult with a dermatologist to see if you actually have DUPA and perhaps send your photos and consult with other doctors? best of luck.
  9. This sucks, I had a repair procedure in the summer to fix my hairline after having a horrible hair transplant a few years back, my hairline was non symmetrical lower on one side with plugs, doctor removed a lot of plugs and fixed my hairline so it's possible, I have no scars or marks, wounds healed in 2 weeks. You can definitely fix this, good luck.
  10. I would not recommend doing a hair transplant in the UK especially if the deal is too good to be true, if you can't find reviews from real patients on forums stay away, if you have a limited budget I would recommend Dr Demirsoy in Turkey he is considered as one of the best, good luck.
  11. This doctor is a known sociopath, I won't be surprised if he even sues the patient at some point if he discloses his name on the forum. The patient should make a youtube video documenting everything and exposing this so-called doctor.
  12. I see your concern now, you can get that fixed if it's really bothering you, your native hair will be fine because the doctor will operate on the bald area only, your hair looks great overall and the haircut suits your face well, only you can decide if you really wanna do it, also Dr Pekiner is very ethical he will do what's best for your situation.
  13. Perhaps post a picture with your hair pulled back? I understand your concern, there is always risks when you are having any kind of procedure, Dr Pekiner is a great doctor and he is good at dense packing, it's up to you if it's really bothering you go for it, but your hair looks good overall.