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  1. Never heard of him and it's impossible to grow hair back in the donor, don't fall for it.. unless he does hair cloning which is not even realistic at this moment.
  2. No problem! I would recommend this forum that you are on, results on this forum are real, use the search bar on top and just type doctors names etc look at posts of patients with real pictures, there are a lot of posts of dcotors like Asmed, Demirsoy, Bisanga and others, consider HLC clinic also it's prob the best clinic in Turkey right now. Good luck with your search.
  3. If you have a lot of them in your hairline they can be removed and transplanted back again, I had it done before however if you have 1 or 2 nobody will ever notice, grow your hair and they will blend in nicely with the others.
  4. Not really sometimes mistakes happen as long as the result is good that's what matters, those grafts btw can be removed anytime, it's not the end of the world really if you have a couple doubles in your hairline.
  5. No surgery is guaranteed, even the best surgeons have average and below average, all you can do is go to a consistent doctor/clinic that puts up good results. Some of the doctors that you can consider in Turkey are Asmed, Demirsoy, Cinik, Kaan, HLC clinic and many others but these are the most consistent I would say. Also there are doctors like Bisanga and Feriduni that are in Europe that are producing good results. At the end of the day you have to do your research and look at results posted by patients on the forum and make your own decision. I would advise you to send your pictures to many doctors so you can have a general idea if you are suitable for a hair transplant and how many grafts you need etc take your time and don't rush into the surgery. IMO PRP is a waste of money, it doesn't really do anything on it's own especially if you are a nw6. Iv never heard of the exosome therapy so I can't really comment on it.
  6. Shock loss is normal you have to wait 3-4 months before you assess your donor/recipient again, don't think too much about it, it should heal in a few months.
  7. Who is we? A lot of people try finasteride and stop because of the side effects, you act like finasteride has no side effects and that it's all in our heads, just because you are not dealing with the side effects doesn't mean others aren't, side effects are real and mentioned on the label (gyno, erectyl disfunction, depression, impotence etc) it's rare but they do happen and a lot of guys here on the forum tried finasteride and stopped because of the sides, the fact that you take more than 1mg means you have a higher chance of having gyno and PFS (Post-finasteride syndrome) and other serious stuff at a young age. I guess you found the cure for men to live longer, kudos to you! Lookup how important DHT is Unfortunately because it's the only drug that helps hair loss, trust me if there was an alternative Merck would go bankrupt and everyone would stop finasteride, you can look up some of the shady things Merck has been doing. https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-courts-secrecy-propecia/
  8. The funny part is that you think 2.5mg is more effective than 1.mg and what'e even funnier is that you really think men are better without DHT
  9. That is the most absurd thing I have read on this forum Yes men over 50-60 years not 20 year olds The side effects are real, just because you didn't get them doesn't mean they are placebo and not real, go check your sperm levels, if you are trying to have kids and taking 2.5mg you are going to end up with problems later on with your life
  10. This can be helpful, from dr Konior's website, they can be definitely removed https://www.chicagohairinstitute.com/surgical-hair-loss-solutions/repair-of-older-techniques
  11. I had a few plugs removed at the hairline, but not the old one of 5 and more, basically grafts with doubles and triples in them, they can be used again but some did not survive because were more difficult to remove than native hair. Not sure about the old plugs, you should consult with a few doctors, sometimes the doctor will remove the obvious ones especially at the hairline and put grafts around the rest to camouflage the area, but they can be removed for sure, send your pictures to a couple doctors and ask about the procedure.
  12. How many grafts did you have the second time? post some pics, hopefully you see improvement in the next few months, good luck
  13. That's totally normal, it's only an estimate unless one doctor estimated 2000 grafts and another 4000 then you should be asking questions otherwise 1500-2000 is completely fine
  14. It might have been 4000 hairs not grafts, don't stress too much about the spot, only time will tell, good luck.