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  1. Can you send more picture of your post and pre surgery picture? Also how many surgery they were doing when they did your procedure?
  2. Yes it has nothing to do with patient results I agree,however the doctor seems to cross the basic ethics which every doctor should practice regardless of any situation. I'm not sure what is stated on the clause of that patient sign, but most of often a doctor cannot disclose the patient details in public forum without their consent. If the doctor can practice this way of defending himself i'm sure if the result turn out to be bad or failed procedure they will have all sort of reasons. Btw, i'm saying this based on the some of the results of Darling Buds case which is shared here.
  3. Is this the same doctor here who disclose the patient information unethically?
  4. Hi, I'm planning to have my hair transplant done in India since I would be posted in India for work for 2 years for work (Delhi). Would you be able to suggest any good doctors for me to consider for my procedure and ill send my picture straight to them. Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm planning to do a revision on my previous surgery and considering DHI after an unsuccessful FUE before. Can I please get some good surgeons who can perform a DHI technique in turkey? Ideally I would prefer a doctor who does the surgery himself and not a technician who does the surgery where he just monitor them. thanks!