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  1. Haha thank you. I paid 1800 euro it makes around 2000 in usd. But I did it more the 1 year before already and not sure if the prices are the same. Anyway you can ask them
  2. Hi, the team was dr Yalvash and 2 assistants. Doctor did consultation, draw my line and opened the channels. Assistants work with micromotor and put grafts in the end. Surgical work, I mean opening channels was done only by doctor himself. He speaks English perfect and is very pleasant person
  3. Hi, I never used finax or something like that. Why should I use finax if I was completely bald, as I know hormones dont touch transplanted hair
  4. Hi guys, I was awfully busy regarding to my job had to fly to South Korea. I saw some of you are interested in my crown. Of course it is not covered fully, as with my baldness I need not 5500 grafts but all 10 000, but you know donor zone is limited. I took a close photo of my crown and you can see how it looks like now. And also put my before pic so you can understand the difference.
  5. Hi all, I saw here one guy also did his surgery in Bellus Clinic in Istanbul, so I decided to share my experience too. Here are my pre op photos taken just before the surgery. I was transplanted 5500 grafts with FUE technique. Doctor was saying it would be better to use some additional body hair to have full natural density, but unfortunately I have very few hair on my body and my wife was against using my beard hair, so they just used my donor area on my scalp and they could take 5500 grafts. These pics were done during the first three months, when normally transplanted hair fall down. On the fourth month I felt they started to grow fast. Here it is me after 3 months. And this is after 5 months On these photos it is about 7 months post op And this is my latest photo, the same on my profile. It is 9 months after FUE hair transplant. Of course I am very happy with the results. Frankly speaking I did not believe in hair transplants much, I even never searched for it, I was in Turkey for a holiday with my family and saw so many people after this procedure in the lobby of our hotel, talked with them and got so excited, just thought maybe it would work, just gave it a try and I am really very happy with results now, my friends and family tell me I look 15 years younger then before and I really feel more confident. I will keep you updated and post some new photos sometimes. Hope my post will be helpful for somebody who is not sure that it really works.