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  1. I just had my hair transplant with Dr Cem Payasli and his team. I am in my third day after the intervention and I want to share my experience up to this point. My overall experience was excellent regarding the medical intervention and the follow up by dr Payasli’s team. Well, the doctor's assistant hosted me at the airport and all the other member of the team were all present in the hospital during the whole intervention. They were checking on me to ensure that everything is ok. Concerning the technicians who performed the hair transplant in the hospital, I can say that they were very professional and they were always telling me about every step during the procedure. They were continuously smiling despite the required physical effort to complete the procedure. The intervention is long but it isn’t painful (just a little in the beginning when the anesthetic is injected but it really negligible) and also the pain is not noticeable after the operation however precautions should be taken since the implants are very fragile. Anyway the assistant explained precisely all these details as he was giving me the medicine (antibiotics, anti-inflammatoire and washing shampoos). The day after the operation was a Sunday and even though the team took me back to the hospital to remove the bandage and to perform the first washing. I will post again in few months to share more details about the result and the growth of the hair and until now I would like to thank dr Payasli and his team for their helpfulness and professionalism.