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  1. I would go as far to say your a case that Hasson specializes in - mega session FUT. i could easily see you comprosmising for the more conservative Gabel alternative hairline and then being back in the chair 12 months later working towards something similar to what Hasson feels he can accomplish in one session. I would wait if preference is the Hasson solution - you’ve waited long enough already what’s another couple of months. Borders will open post November election I think.
  2. Very hard to say unless you tell us what the proposed/actual lowering of the hairline is/was - an inch, two inches, temple points.......no frame of reference for anyone to comment whether 1,500 would be good..........for example if you told us you lowered your hairline by half a cm.......then I'd say it should be good density with 1,500 600 into the crown area may improve things a little bit - I could imagine another clinic easily placing the whole 2k in there
  3. One day there will be a cure....hair cloning to create infinite donor reserve to be transplanted seems like the best bet...............I, for one, look forward to being a NW0 with 120 FU's per/cm in my hairline as I'm lowered into my grave 😂 God bless the scientists
  4. Be great to get a doctor's answer on this Q. We all know lots of factors (laxity, head size, donor density) play a big role but someone with average donor density, average laxity and average head side what would the average full utilization of FUT technique followed by max FUE get a person to in terms of lifetime maximum donor? From all I've seen on here and around - I'm going to guess: FUT = c.6,500 Follow on FUE = c2,500 Total: c.9,000 max Thoughts?
  5. From everything I’ve seen the two people who consistently get the best scars I’ve seen are Konior and Hasson. Look at the scars Hasson gets from from unbelievably large FUT sessions 6000+..... Both Konior and Hasson are also FUE masters and could provide this solution if they feel it’s best. id suggest at this point that you consistently start doing scalp laxity exercises to set yourself up in the best possible shape for a revision.
  6. As per title I’ve seen it remarked here that hair loss progression tends to happen aggressively for people in their 20’s & 30’s......then leveling off significantly in 40’s,50’s, 60’s. Why is this? The obvious answer I would imagine is that testosterone levels fall and by extension DHT levels. Any other explanation? Plus anybody seen any scientific data on the same to back this up. Finally a thought experiment - could an individual who religiously took finasteride in their 20/30’s to protect their DHT sensitive hair hit their mid-40’s and come off the drug with little to no hair
  7. Nonsense - even bro scientist's would be offended by the above Your girlfriend/wife shouldn't take finasteride while your hoping to get pregnant - this is the only way for foetal development problems to arise i.e. the female exposes herself to the drug. Now for the scientific evidence.There is evidence in some edge cases that finasteride can potentially negatively effect sperm movility (its activity level & movement forward reducing its ability to make its way to the egg) & sperm volume (the volume of healthy sperms you produce) in some individuals. This has shown to be very
  8. Bloxham a little inexperienced for my liking & a FUT devotee......not a FUE master Diep - great youtube channel.....some quick searching on this forum shows non-conforming approach to FUE donor extraction i.e. over harvesting in small section of donor region as opposed to full donor zone & recipient site pattern placement which would not be considered I think 'industry standard' i.e. straight rows of hair placed like soldiers on patients heads, seems to work out sometimes other times not so much In N.A. - Id' add in Dr.Wesley in NYC
  9. +1 on above H&W, to my knowledge, prescribes a topical finasteride......what is the solution mix they think is most effective........also without clinical data do they think it shows the same efficacy as oral? Opinion on PRP? Finally any opinions on Exosomes at this point?
  10. Your gut is correct - has Bloxham lead 1,000+ procedures total yet?....perhaps barely certainly not a thousand with a 2 in front of it.......do a search on this forum.....go back 5 years, 10 years......Elite Hasson results in multiple decades.......... As mentioned previously Feller-Bloxham are FUT specialists/promoters.....................to every hammer the problem is a nail........H&W are doing both at an elite level and you'll get a patient led solution between these options
  11. Not sure the recent thinking on this - but I've heard it said that when starting either Rogaine or Propecia one should HOPE for a large shed.........this demonstrates that your a responder to the medication and therefore have a higher probability of it providing visible cosmetic improvments once the shedding is over. You've started now - I would suggest you continue for 12 months with regime and asses then.
  12. For anyone who's done their research, no UK clinic ever really makes it on to the "wish list".........closest IMO is Dr.Ball at Maitland Clinic who seems to do good work.........but never seen him on anyones Top 5 in the world list....or the home run threads you see from Hasson, Konior, Couto, Wesley, Bisanga etc. Look at the list of British celebs/sports stars with crappy/weak HT's and you'll see what convenience gets you - they've unlimited resources yet they end up with average / below average results (Wayne Rooney etc.).....look at the spanish/italian footballers playing in England wh
  13. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley - seems to me to be best in NYC based on everything I've seen on forums etc. Dorin, Bloxham, Bernstein have good reputations also but from what I can see Wesley seems to produce the best - he also seems to do a great job in non-shave situations and from the research he seems to be doing in the field of "scarless"* surgery seems to be a guy trying to push things forward in the industry. Regardless of whether this ever bares fruit it certainly shows someone of dedication to his profession eager to make a contribution * his scarless approach is effectively making
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