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  1. Save money, work extra hours, stop getting takeaway’s this is the most important medical decision of your life so far - don’t go to Turkey cause it’s cheap forget cost now and think long term 30-40yrs long term go to couto, hattingon, devorye, bisanga, Hassan, arocha, wesselly,
  2. Dr.Hasson, Dr.Carlos Wesley & Dr.Konior - the current three posting the best "homerun" results in North America from what I can see of recent clinic and patient own postings. Dr.Rahal was in the mix previously for FUT but something seems slightly amiss about the feedback from Rahal recently. For large strip mega-sessions of 5,000 grafts or more like you'd need - I think Dr.Hasson seems to be a leader in this space in both grabbing as much hair in one session as possible and leaving a great scar. In Europe Hattigen Hair seem to be doing very big FUT cases too.
  3. Supposed to be side effect free - or certainly patients who couldn’t tolerate oral fin seem to be able to tolerate topical with no resumption of sides they displayed with oral Are you North America based? Let us know what options you discover - H&W option I believe is only for Canadian residents
  4. I think you've got a lot more maturing to go and some more 'new' growth. Dr.Bloxham had a good guideline on here called Popping, Growing & Maturing - see below - whats outlined is HT's on average......you do seem a little ahead of the curve so i would say a 'fast grower' but undoubtedly you have more popping to go Of course the short version is from what I can see is that if all progress stopped right now - you are in the top 5% of results on this site or any other in terms of density/naturalness etc.
  5. Hair looks great and natural and Dr.Hasson did a great job on the front. Have you tried topical Fin??? - H&W are doing this now for Canadian patients and it seems to have all the benefits of oral fin with none/infinitely lower probabilty of sides (as it goes less systematic than oral fin). I'm presuming you got off Fin because of side issues? Perhaps trying this for a while could be an option to recover crown. Topical Fin is available in Europe from compounding pharmacies in Milan etc.. The full science isn't out yet on it but anecdotally clinics that have partnered with compounding pharmacies are seeing excellent efficacy in patients for which oral fin has presented a problem. Given emerging NW5 / 6 pattern. My gut for you would be to max out FUT for any further work, start scalp laxity exercises NOW and your FUT2 scar should be the same as you have now - FUT is obviously cheaper with poorer recovery time but it is undoubtedly the most conservative approach and leaves you in better shape for anything up the road that might be required which could be done with FUT/FUE. Not much has changed since 2010 and Dr.Hasson is STILL in the global ELITE doctor category - you know Top 3 or wherever you want to draw the line. If i was you I wouldn't be thinking of going anywhere else but back to that clinic. Like others have said Dr.Wong is the king of crowns so some combo of Hasson/Wong will be great.
  6. Dr Bloxham has some great recent results - however I would caution that Dr.Bloxham is relatively new as compared to other options with super long track records in NYC - I've seen some pretty amazing results coming from Dr Carlos Wesley in NYC - if you stack up recent patient and clinic results from True/Dorin, Bloxham, Bernstein, Wesley........I dont think anyone is coming close to Wesley for number of homeruns...........next I would say True/Dorin for the extensive track record......Bloxham is coming up however but if you asked each doctor for their total transplants performed in their career I think he would be well behind these guys and I'd like a doctor who's seen every possible situation in their career or in the OR
  7. My guess with the extreme dense packing that was done in this area, it’s likely Dr.Hasson........don’t see anyone in North America or anywhere else with the surgical skill to pack em as tight as Hasson in the right situation for guys with medium to minimal hair loss like yourself......your result will be a home run....it’s already a home run 🤩
  8. Considering leaving staples in for a little longer than the 14 days recommended by my surgeon. I'll also ask him but wanted the communitys view. Reason for doing this is this is my second FUT and laxity was a definitely reduced vs FUT no.1 and things were a bit tighter for sure post-op........so I'm somewhat concerned around stretching (1st surgery was OK scar wise about average I'd say) and given that the wound significantly increases strength in the early part of the healing it seems all things being equal leaving the staples in for longer will reduce the probability of stretching. Dont trust me Dr.Bernstein seems to think so leaving them in during certain cases for 21 days - https://www.bernsteinmedical.com/answers/when-are-surgical-staples-removed-after-hair-transplant/. They don't bother me so think that 18 or 19 days will be fine for me. Any downside anyone can think of? Again I WILL talk to my surgeon also