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  1. Not sure the recent thinking on this - but I've heard it said that when starting either Rogaine or Propecia one should HOPE for a large shed.........this demonstrates that your a responder to the medication and therefore have a higher probability of it providing visible cosmetic improvments once the shedding is over. You've started now - I would suggest you continue for 12 months with regime and asses then.
  2. For anyone who's done their research, no UK clinic ever really makes it on to the "wish list".........closest IMO is Dr.Ball at Maitland Clinic who seems to do good work.........but never seen him on anyones Top 5 in the world list....or the home run threads you see from Hasson, Konior, Couto, Wesley, Bisanga etc. Look at the list of British celebs/sports stars with crappy/weak HT's and you'll see what convenience gets you - they've unlimited resources yet they end up with average / below average results (Wayne Rooney etc.).....look at the spanish/italian footballers playing in England who got their HT done "at home" on the continent - David Silva, Antonio Conte etc......outstanding results no doubt done by Dr.Couto, Bisanga, Lupa etc. Your hairless is minimal..........I would argue that counterintuitively this places you in much higher risk category for a bad HT outcome than say a NW4-5, where any framing/coverage could be deemed an improvement over base case for them. For you - a poor density outcome, bad graft placement, hairline design at such a low point in the hairline and I can guarantee you your mates / girls will spot a mile away that you've had something "done". This is why I consider your choice to be a much more high risk one than someone with more severe loss looking to get back to a modest NW3 let's say. Easyjet/Ryanair will fly you to some of the best surgeons in the world for 50 quid in under 2.5hrs.......you'll also have nice European city break before/after.......you can come back in a year & thank everyone here for saving you time/money and stopping you from taking the lazy/convenient option.......for a lifetime appearance altering elective cosmetic surgery it doesn't make sense to be lazy...................whatever you get done is gonna be on your head for the next 50 years (think about that).
  3. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley - seems to me to be best in NYC based on everything I've seen on forums etc. Dorin, Bloxham, Bernstein have good reputations also but from what I can see Wesley seems to produce the best - he also seems to do a great job in non-shave situations and from the research he seems to be doing in the field of "scarless"* surgery seems to be a guy trying to push things forward in the industry. Regardless of whether this ever bares fruit it certainly shows someone of dedication to his profession eager to make a contribution * his scarless approach is effectively making a small puncture hole in the scalp and using a robotic tool to remove the follicular unit from underneath as opposed to the traditional FUE where you remove the FU from above (hence leaving the tiny circular scar).
  4. My opinion remains the same - no good reason to do this. It exposes the patient to the possibility that an area of donor will look depleted as compared to non-harvested areas.The best way to ensure pristine donor in the future is to be (skillful, slow and precise while using small punches (not 1mm). If a FUE doctor is so concerned about preserving virgin areas for future use it suggests to me that he's achieving none of those in his extraction technique. While were on the topic - from the photos I would also say that Diep has gone way to HIGH also in the area harvested............almost into the crown area and for sure has gone outside the consensus accepted safe zone for extraction.
  5. Cant think of a single good reason why you'd take 1000 FUE's from an area representing maybe only 20% of the available donor zone. Can anybody? I can think of a BAD reason........which is its quicker and more convenient for the doctor. Thoughts?
  6. Very Interesting question and one for some of the doctors on here I would think? It would be very interesting to discover that for example that in a strip that yielded lets say 3,000 FU's that probabilities would say that some 300 FU's in resting phase were unable to be implanted or properly identified by technicians disecting the strip
  7. Slight graft survival advantage with FUT, some clinics claim there the same most will admit 3-5% advantage for FUT over FUE Think whats universally accepted is that FUT followed by FUE in a future - increases your total available lifetime donor hair numbers significantly
  8. Another poster made the point already but worth repeating: Hasson - 30 years at an Elite level > 30 years X 150 transplants a year = 4,500 HT's to his name.........I'm sure he's seen it all and learned from it......oodles and oodles of great results, patent posted, clinic posted going back years etc etc. Bloxham- 5 years at 150 transplants a year = 750 HT's to his name........with some great results i must admit Also a financial technical point - you would be converting the relatively weak Canadian dollar to pay Bloxham in USD............while its my understanding that H&W charge USD to international patients but local CAD to folks from Canada..........my guess then would be that H&W would come out cheaper for the same amount of grafts?
  9. You've two elite surgeons there........but I'd hop on plane to Hasson...........nobody dense packs like Dr.Hasson does the closest out there to one and done........if you've got descent donor and are not trying to be too aggressive with hairline i think a big case FUT(5,000+) that Dr.Hasson is famous for would really cover hairline, midscalp and slightly into crown Likewise if leaning towards FUT he gets, along with Konior, the thinnest scars in the business...blade 3 territory.....while H&W now has become 5 star FUE clinic too if you go down that road now or later. Rahal is great too - but consistency, track record and recent patient reported "home runs" on this forum point towards Hasson still operating at an Elite+ level ahead of Rahal.....havent seen a bunch slam dunks from Rahal recently as used to be the case
  10. Diep is a somewhat divisive doctor on this board. Lots of "home run" results...........one very recently I think...mixed with some quirks that dont conform with elite doctors......like Konior, Hasson, Wesley, Dorin Three recently discussed are: (1) lack of micro- irregularity in his hairlines......i.e. lines of hair placed like a row of soldiers....actually in that "home run" case....leaving it slightly below perfect (2) strange doner management using FUE - where he only removes hair from one side of the head leaving the subsequent doner hair thinned out as opposed to spreading extractions all across safe zone
  11. +1 his posted results look great, he seems to be well respected in the community and has been doing a lot of research around scarless FUE suggesting a real innovator / expert in his field........his "scarless" FUE approach where the follicular unit is taken from below the scalp by making a small 1cm incision and then working underneath the scalp to extract grafts is a very interesting approach.
  12. Top class - sometimes wonder why Wesley rarely ends up in people top 5 in North America....results are always super impressive would be interested in the “timing of hair growth after surgery” link you linked above......it only links back to this page again would like to see it?
  13. Sorry to hear that - but you've been given great advise by H&W and Konior + other doctors who have nothing to gain, in fact have something to lose, by telling you the truth...........you were very prudent to double/triple check with top docs. I would proceed with trying perhaps other solutions outside the Big 3 but I'm afraid they sit outside the Big 3 for a reason because their efficacy is questionable - at a certain point i think it wise to just accept the situation. You'll find freedom in that. Finally I would say this the frustration/disappointment you have right now would pale in comparison to the depression/ issues you would have had as a result of an unethical failed procedure. Imagine if you had proceeded with Dr.Diep advise who was happy to put you in the chair when Turkish clinics + HW + Konior had said NO. @Melvin-Moderator i take your point on Diep......but this board should also be ready to identify when a once top tier surgeons standard/practices quite clearly begin to slip.......human nature is such that as one gets rich and comfortable, as I'm sure Diep has, one's hunger, focus & professionalism can slip. Ironically it can make some even more greedy and more inclined to 'reach' for that extra dollar. This thread is one example of Diep "slipping" and being will to operate on this guy, taking doner hair from one side of the head in an FUE procedure making a mockery of doner management best practice is another.
  14. Diep never met a dollar he didn’t like......from what I can see just because you swing for the fences and hit a home run every now and again doesn’t make you an elite player....Diep pumps out enough results to feed YouTube.......the not so lucky end up here. Of course my opinion but one which Is increasing I feel amongst this community.