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  1. Yes I was thinking HW. And yes I do not mind having to touch up in 10 years. I know every case is different, but being 35, only minimal loss, and on meds without experiencing side effect, am I generally considered to be in the safe zone?
  2. Hello, I am currently living in northern Canada and really tempted to go through with this. I'm 35, NW2.5, with slight diffuse thinning throughout, meds have slowed down my loss I think, been on fin for 1.5 years. I do not want to lower my hairline, I would like to patch up the temples slightly and reinforce the existing hairline, taking me to about a NW1.5-1.75, so I can keep styling the way I want to. Is it reasonable to expect I can do this for 10K and have the results last for about 5 years? Any recommendation in Canada to get a small procedure like this?