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  1. I recently made a post wondering why it slows down. My grandfather was like that - NW3 very quickly by 25 and didn't reach NW5+ till 65-70, and he didn't even have meds. This is often repeated by lots of people who experience the same thing, and a doctor stated this in an answer on Quora, wish I could find that post again.
  2. If I get a ~1500 FUE procedure booked (I'm only a NW2 with a thinning hairline, just looking to bring in temples a bit and maybe dense the hairline) how long does it take to recover? I don't mean how long it takes the new hair to grow, I mean how long does it take for signs of surgery to go away and your hair looking like pre surgery levels as my hair looks "ok" as is. I am going to hide away and work remotely from an off season resort this fall after my procedure, just don't know if I should book one month or two before returning to civilization. I have roomies and live a very public life, so no way I can go back to my town right after this surgery. Plus I am kind of looking forward to a little vacation.
  3. First off, I know hair loss is unpredictable and anything can happen at any time blah blah. But I hear a lot of people say, including some doctors, that for a lot of guys hair loss starts off pretty fast and then slows down. Indeed I've known guys blow rapidly through the first few norwood levels and be stuck at a NW3/4 for years, sometimes decades, even without medication, and don't start losing the rest until their elderly years. Does anyone know why this happens?
  4. I have diffuse thinning in the NW7 area, and even though no one can tell now, I'm going to be bald eventually even on meds. I am thinking long term, why not thicken the front as much as possible, I got the money to burn. Then when I no longer have the donor left, put a system in the back (don't have to deal with the hairline, which causes the most anxiety in a system) or just shave it all off, which was the inevitability to begin with. You only live once, I'm not going to avoid a transplant just because one day it will not work.
  5. Ok say you have a transplant for the hairline, but then for whatever reason the hair behind falls out and your left with the hair up front. Is it really the end of the world that everyone makes it out to be? Wouldn't you just shave or buzz, like what you would have probably done if you never got the transplant in the first place? Some people have a weird tuft of hair in the front and bald in the back naturally, I think they call it the island. Even if you got a FUT scar, they really don't look that bad. I seen them before and I never knew they were transplant scars until I started researching them, just figured they were some other surgery or some accident. Lots of people have injury scars. Really I think all that's lost is 10K for about 5 years of good hair and to some people that's worth it?
  6. There is a male suicide epidemic in the western world right now, regardless of the medication they are taking. A quick google search can reveal surveys of a higher percentages of men who report depression, anxiety, and suicidal feelings due to hair loss. I don't really think depression and suicide is a side effect of finasteride, rather it is a possible outcome if they take finasteride, and it fails.
  7. Noted. I know the less times you need to go through this, the better. I was more along the lines thinking that having the hairline shored up would save me a lot of time I currently need to style it. And, I also have the density to have bangs to hide the transplant during the healing process, which is very important to me. I might not have the bangs density 10 years from now. I don't really want to get to the point where I will ever "need" a hair transplant. I'm in no rush and I am not necessarily unhappy with the way I look now, I'm just trying to be proactive. But you have me convinced, for now, and I will reassess in future years. I have also researched Rahal. I hope there will not be a minimum amount of grafts or price like H&W, because as I stated above, I don't want my hair to get to a point where a large 2000+ procedure is required. I will consult with them in the future.
  8. Sorry late reply. I would want my temples repaired and then minor density improvements to the hairline. Temple's slightly worse on the other side and therefore causing my frontal wall of hair to collapse to one side, giving the appearance of a hiding balding man. It has not gotten much worse in the last 1.5 years with fin. I am ok with everything else, I usually use a little dermatch on the hairline but I need hair back in the temples for it to work there.
  9. Yes I was thinking HW. And yes I do not mind having to touch up in 10 years. I know every case is different, but being 35, only minimal loss, and on meds without experiencing side effect, am I generally considered to be in the safe zone?
  10. Hello, I am currently living in northern Canada and really tempted to go through with this. I'm 35, NW2.5, with slight diffuse thinning throughout, meds have slowed down my loss I think, been on fin for 1.5 years. I do not want to lower my hairline, I would like to patch up the temples slightly and reinforce the existing hairline, taking me to about a NW1.5-1.75, so I can keep styling the way I want to. Is it reasonable to expect I can do this for 10K and have the results last for about 5 years? Any recommendation in Canada to get a small procedure like this?