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  1. Actually, doctor told me that my donor area is massive with a great potential, even though I opted for a mature hairline (I am 28). I did not want an unnatural 20 year old girly hairline which most guys look for (I want more like Don Draper hairline). Also, I have thick wavy hair, so it covers bald spots well. Maybe, in the future I will do another one, It depends on the results. About the gap - I had chickenpox 3 months ago, and fungus afterwards, so It might have lost a bit of a density in that area, because when I magnified the image I saw the grafts in that area. Tbh, I don't know the exact amount of grafts, It could be more than 1000, because I didn't ask to lower my hairline (although after their recommendation I accepted it). The surgery took around 6-7 hours, so they could have placed more grafts.
  2. Yesterday I had a DHI hair transplant of 1000 grafts or 2000 hair. The procedure was very clear and professional, but it was very painful for me, because anaesthesia wasn't working well on my head. I liked the implantation phase (although it was insanely painful), because they were using an implanter, so it was very quick. The longest part was the extraction of grafts. What do you think? Thanks.