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  1. @John Doe Also, in the interim between now and your 2nd procedure, longer hair is better than short hair as you have it in terms of gap concealment. Also Toppik may help as well. It can be inconvenient at first, but if you make applying Toppik a daily habit it becomes no different than brushing your teeth, putting in contacts, etc. I am in NO WAY saying this gap is ok or acceptable in any way, but longer hair + Toppik might be 2 good temporary measures to take.
  2. @John Doe Hi John Doe, really sorry to say this but that gap will 100% NOT have hair grow in, and the gap situation can only be solved by a 2nd touch up procedure. I went through something very similar myself, except my gap was even larger and more apparent. For the first 6 months after my HT, I convinced myself that this gap was shock loss, it will grow back, etc. But the thing is, as you already know, if there was no hair there to begin with, then there is no hair to grow..... It was incredibly painful for me to accept the reality of the situation, that I had had a botched transplant, and having to go through the stress and drama of a 2nd surgery. I was INCREDIBLY disappointed in the doctor who did my procedure. Why didnt she just put more grafts in? WTF who would have thought that was ok? My doctor is essentially an unknown/amateur in Denver, Colorado, so I am surprised that this happened to you at a more well-known clinic with a well-known doctor. Good news is you have Dr. Rahal by the b*lls now. He said he would do the touch up for free. If you don't want this clinic going near your hair a 2nd time (who says they wont screw up the touch up procedure?) - find a HT doctor closer to you who you trust to do the repair, get a quote, then DEMAND to the Rahal clinic they pay for the touch up
  3. Hi all, just had a FUE of 600 grafts to my hairline and temples Wondering when it is ok to smoke weed and lift weights? My post-op care from the doctors office says I can resume normal workouts after Day 7, but reading on here it seems people say 14 days. Not sure what to follow. Is 10 days enough time to resume weightlifting? (bench press, incline press, machines). One of the the technicians doing my surgery said I "could do handstands after Day 7"-lol really?!? When is it ok to resume smoking weed? Is 10 days enough time? Didn't feel like asking my doc that lol Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I am naturally a Norwood 3-temple recession and minor crown recession as well. Had a 1200 graft hair transplant last year on my temples, and slightly slowered the hairline. The doc did not put enough grafts in, so I am getting a 2nd HT Nov 20 for an additional 300-500 grafts to fill it in, free of charge (there was sooo much drama surrounding this, see this post for background My crown was not operated on during my last HT, but since I am already going under the knife, I would really like my crown filled in as well. I'm not sure how to rate my crown loss-I guess a Norwood 2- in that my crown clearly has loss, but it is not unbearable. Sort of like how Norwood 2 on the hairline is noticeable, but a lot of people can still get away with it. Both my doc and another doc in the office looked at my crown. They both advised against getting grafts on my crown. One of the docs said he never operates on the crown on people under 40 (I am 30) because of potential future loss. They also said I do have significant hair on the crown still (albeit miniaturized) and putting new grafts in could shock loss out these already fragile hairs. Essentially, they are saying that while I clearly have crown loss, it is not bad enough to merit a hair transplant for it. I was very disappointed these docs advised against operating on the crown. My arguments for getting a crown are, if they do grafts on it and I do have future loss, I am prepared to get a 3rd HT. I am currently taking Dut and using Rogaine on this area, so not sure if I would even have more loss. The docs recommended SMP as an option for the crown. I actually visited an SMP guy Thursday. It just seems like so much maintenance. The tattoo only lasts 4-6 years, have to put sunscreen on it everyday. Nervous it would look unnatural. So don't want to do SMP. Toppik works VERY WELL on the area, but again, it is still a lot of maintenance. And I would rather have the permanent option of a HT. I'm kind of confused as well. I'm sure if I consulted other doctors, or went to Turkey, I could find a reasonable # of doctors who would work on the crown. Not sure why both these docs are advising against it. My questions are: -Should I insist my doc operate on my crown? -Has anyone here had any experience with doctors advising not to get grafts on the crown? -Would you side with the doctors or me in this situation? -Any advice on how to deal with crown loss? Toppik works very well, but Id rather have the permanence of a HT. Any other thoughts, comments welcome.
  5. @MrZennie well the thing is, since im already going to be going under the knife again, i am considering getting work done on my crown, which has never been operated on before and is unrelated to this f*ckup. Dr harris is $2 more per graft than dr lovitt. Maybe i could get him to lower the rate. Idk
  6. @Melvin-Moderator yea im meeting with her sept 4th to go over all of the specifics. Im going to grill her hard. Would you be able to comment on my question about transplant graft curlyness? Noje of my hairnis naturally curly. But some of the grafts are weirdly curly. I am hoping this will smooth out. Or is there a possibility this was a f*ckup on the doc's end as well?
  7. @Melvin-Moderator tbh her excuse was kind of bs. She said "oh we wanted to lower the hairline I thought". Well she should have known 1200 grafts would not be enough for that and say I need more grafts before surgery. I was essentially doomed for a 2nd hair transplant to repair this right from the start, with only 1200 grafts. Tbh i dont really care about her apologizing or owning up, just wanting her to fix this. And if i can get god knows how many free grafts from her repairing this, then I dont need her to admit guilt, just to make it right I do trust she can make it right this 2nd time around My hair is parted in the picture. So that might be why it appears uneven. Also some of the transplant grafts are pretty curly. I think that is unrelated to the huge gap f*kup, and i am hopging the grafts smooth out Do you habe an opinion on unusual transplant graft curliness/kinkiness? From what ive read at 8 months there it is normal for grafts to be curly, and will straighten out with time
  8. @Gasthoerer ok got it. What specifically makes you think it has a poor macro design? I can bring this up with the doc as well. Tha is.
  9. UPDATE: i just talkd to the doc and she is going to fill in the density free of charge. Still massively blows i have had to deal with the stress, obsession, fear and uncertainty of this. Plus i just atarted a new job, having to tell my boss i need a few days off for a hair transplant :/. And yes it looks like i will be going back to this same doc. Yes this is a f*ked situation, but when it comes down to it it really is a mattet of not using enough grafts right? The transplant grafts thenselves did grow out well (some of the hairs are curly-but i hope they straighten out) I do have mixed feelings seeing this doc again, but since she is well aware she f*ked up i feel she will really try t9 make things right this time. The doc is Shelley Lovitt, an assistant to James Harris in colorado. This clinic is perhaps the only place i would go to for a HT in colorado. Juat more convenient and familiar to get it done here, than flying out somewhere i know what you guys are thinking, "why the f*co go back to the same doc?!?" but its just one of those things where maybe if you were in my shoes you would go back to the same doc too
  10. yea sucks. Pre HT I of course read about bad HT's and thought "this can't happen to me" but here I am. Dr Lovitt is not part of IAHRS, but she is an assistant in a clinic run by Dr James Harris, who is. So I thought I was in good hands with Dr. Lovitt.
  11. I did but assumed everything had still gone according to plan. I assumed I had strong native hair in the gap area and it must have immediately fallen off after the surgery. The doc was Dr. Shelly Lovitt in Denver, Colorado. So do you think the doc definitely f*cked up? What should I do?
  12. Hi all, 30/m, NW3. Had a FUE transplant of 1200 grafts on Dec 18, 2018. The transplant grafts started growing in nicely 3-4 months in. They are a bit curly, but not really concerned about that as I think it will straighten out. However, all around the recipient transplant areas, there is shock loss. This is most evident in the middle front part of the hairlines. At almost 8 months post-op, I am growing increasingly despondent that this shock loss hair will not regrow. I was looking at pictures I took the day after the HT, and it looks like the "shock loss" area never had hair there, that rather the Doc and techs transplanted an uneven ring of grafts in front of my native hair. You can see a line of bare skin between the grafts and my native hair. If this is indeed the case, there is no growth to be had in the "shock loss" area and instead the doc really f*cked up. So either: 1) this really is shock loss but for some reason at 8 months there is still no regrowth or 2) this was really bad placement of the transplant grafts and they did not place the transplant grafts close enough to my native hair Any thoughts, comments, avenues I should pursue? My doc says I need to wait 10-12 months post op to see final results. But I'm sick of waiting (especially if this not even shock loss!) and want to get to the bottom of this now so I can schedule a repair surgery asap, instead of wasting 4 more months waiting around. The surgery pics were taken 1 day after surgery, the selfie pics were taken today.