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  1. @anotherhairlosssufferer nice thats crazy! Can't imagine only a 2 week wait for the #1 rated doc in the world. That's some A-list celebrity Brad Pitt Kim Kardashian level of service right there haha. I myself had an email consult with Dr. Konior at the end of July, and the earliest he could get me in was June 2022. I get that he's the best doctor out there, but even still, waiting a whole yr seemed ridiculous. Super lucky and definitely at the right place at the right time! If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost? His quote for me was 1,500 grafts for $20k. Even taking into acc
  2. @anotherhairlosssufferer how long did you have to wait to have surgery with Dr. Konior? Jealous you didn't have to endure a year long wait and lucked out with that cancellation lol
  3. Good old Toppik is the first and only concealer I have ever used. Doesn't come off on my pillow, during exercise, wind, or rain even. Only way it ever comes off is in a shower. I only put it on my crown and as far as I can tell it conceals my crown loss flawlessy. Love it. If I had to give any complaint at all, its hard to get a good shake out of it. Either I shake and too much comes out, or don't shake hard enough. I feel like this occurs with all concealers tho.
  4. @Ronnieman Rogaine/Minoxidil is actually pretty useless for many, many people. Rogaine has a phenomenal brand name and great marketing. It's profitability doesn't match its results at all tho IMO
  5. @Rossybop Sorry I should have clarified, my natural hairloss is a NW3, now it looks a lot better, looks like I don't have any hairloss (idk if thats a NWO or NW1) To be fair, my 1st HT was from a bad doc, I went with a cheap doc who was local to me. The density was poor. I made the mistake of allowing her to do a free repair job, so this was done 11 months after the 1st one. The 2nd one was not good, so the top-doc at the clinic I went to did a 3rd repair free of charge 11 months after that. I am satisfied after this 3rd HT. Its still growing in, but I expect a good result. Perhaps
  6. @SoundWaveZzZzZz I think an elite, top-notch doctor could bring you to a NW 4 or so. But why go through the stress, obsession, worry, and cost of a hair transplant if a doctor could only bring you from bald to balding. IMO the bald look is much better than being a NW 4 or so. As others have said, I don't think there's enough to work with in your donor area, and its not luscious enough, for any doctor to bring you to a non-balding appearance. I know balding sucks at any age, but in the dating world I don't think most women would factor your hairloss into the equation, no one is goin
  7. @Rossybop literally every HT patient on the planet hopes their 1st HT is the only one they need. Unfortunately I would say the majority of guys actually need 2 or more procedures to achieve the desired look. I myself am a relatively mild Norwood 3, and have had 3 HTs in 2 yrs and am finally happy with the outcome - I never would have imagined my journey was going to involve 3 HTs. As one of the above commenters said, even the best HT docs and clinics can't guarantee results, only increase the probability of a good one. If you look hard enough you will find bad reviews of top-notch doctor
  8. Looks like the extract was taken a little high up on the sides/lateral hump area. Of course no problem at all if the patient doesnt have further hair loss. However, if the patient's natural hair loss destiny is to go to a NW 6 or NW 7 I could see the transplant hair taken from the high side areas being affected. Thoughts?
  9. Its very common for docs to go outside of the small, classic, NW7 safe zone area. If a doctor predicts, say, you will never go beyond a NW3, then a NW3 safe zone is much larger area to work with. Obviously tho doctors are human and make mistakes, and obviously some HT docs just straight-up suck. So IMO its definitely possible for transplant hair to thin and/or die. I also imagine, throwing hairloss out of the equation entirely, an elderly man's safe zone hair is thinner and less aesthetic than a younger person's safe zone hair. So even with a god-tier HT, I imagine the transplant hair wi
  10. @UnbaldEagle Oh yea I forgot about Ronald Reagan. Also Bill Clinton. It makes me angry how some guys really are just born lucky in the hair department lol.
  11. John Kerry is back in the news again for being Biden's new Climate Czar, and I can't stop looking at his hair. He is 76 years old. His hair is AMAZING! He is either wearing a very youthful looking wig or has incredibly god-tier genes. Wig Arguments: Very rare to see a 76 yr old with that hair Natural Arguments: -His hair consistently looks the same. -His hair and style looks the same as it does when he was younger -His hair looks the same in Senate pics of him visiting Afghanistan. Maybe I am reading too
  12. @taimishu I've thought a bunch about stopping Rogaine numerous times for reasons similar to what you've described. My crown loss is significant but all in all not terrible. There aren't many bald spots in the crown, its more thinning. Since its thinning, many doctors have refused to operate on my crown for fear of damaging these thinning hair. Ironically, if my crown loss was worse and was more bald, many doctors would be more willing to work on it. I've thought about quitting putting Rogaine there so thee thinning hairs would fall off. I honestly don't have an answer. No doctor or anyon
  13. No difference IMO. Similar to a generic drug vs brand name.
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