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  1. Its highly likely the 1st week aftet surgery you will be very sleep deprived from having to lay on your back during sleep and spraying saline spray once every 2 hrs. And then there is the itchiness, possible swelling, etc. You may feel totally normal after a week, but I wouldnt wear a hat for the first 2-3 weeks post op. Id be too nervous it could make a graft fall out or otherwise hurt the healing process. And without a hat it will be obvious to others something has gone on.
  2. Happiness is all about expectations. Some nw 6 or nw 7s may be fantastically over the moon to transform into a nw 3, etc. Check out the recent thread by Melvin "is there such a thing as a perfect HT"
  3. @Navthedon your operating surgeon may have taken donor hair outside of the 100% safe zone. Its actually pretty common practice. If the doc predicts you will never be a natural NW 5 or 6, they may take donor hair from these less safe regions. And if the doctor predicted wrong and you are indeed naturally a NW 5 or NW 6, then it makes sense you would be losing this transplant hair. Stopping Fin just makes the situation worse. You were on it for quite some time so assume you didn't have sides, not sure why you stopped. If you have no compelling reason to stop taking it, you should hop on it again asap.
  4. @Baldylocks20 does your hair look good/normal if you style it with gel? that could be a solution for you If it is, don't be annoyed that you have extra maintenance in the morning due to your HT. There are a ton of guys who haven't had HT's, who spend time every morning styling their hair with gel or other product
  5. Thanks Melvin. I know a large part of this forum is used to help newcomers avoid mistakes and learn from others, but it genuinely is distressing and just makes me feel bad when I'm busy at work and get a notification reminding me of a bad surgery I had 2 years ago. I have moved from that. No hard feelings, but yes please don't tag me anymore. Thanks.
  6. @Melvin-Moderator I've hardly had the worst HT on this site (even tho my 1st one was pretty bad) so I'm really surprised to see my name dragged into this random thread? It doesn't even have to do with any Colorado hair docs, or a gap in the hair, nothing related to me. For the record my 3rd hair transplant is 4 months in and starting to grow in great and I am happy with the results. Of course I absolutely would have gone off in a different initial direction, but ultimately my hair is much better from its native state and I am happy with the results. My end goal is actually to move away from this site, because hair transplants are not my life. Its like a recovering alcoholic whose whole life revolves around AA meetings. How about only pinging my username when its actually relevant to a thread? And even then, I'm just going about my day and don't really care to get an email notification from some little hairloss forum. It's basically 15 guys with 10,000 posts whose claim to fame in life is they've had a bunch of hair transplants. And the rest are normies who ask what they need to, and then move on, because a cosmetic procedure shouldn't define your life. Great moderating, bro.
  7. I'm not sure of any red-handed evidence Tom Brady has had work done. But IMO he has. Is it all just a big giant coincidence that 90% of celebrities, athletes, other 1%'ers have flawless hair? When by age 50 85% of normal men have some degree of hairloss? Obviously there are the Jeff Bezos of the world who just dont give af, so perhaps there is that.
  8. IMO bald gene predictors is a bit of a junk science. There's really no firm way to tell how you will end up. Something like height can definitely be more readily predicted based on parents, family, etc. But even if every male in your family is a wolverine, there is still a chance you can experience hairloss. I think age of onset can be a better predictor of future hairloss than family genes. For example, if you have perfect hair up until say 40, then start experiencing very minor hairloss, chances are you will never be a NW7. Whereas if you start experiencing significant hairloss in your early 20s, chances are the Norwood reaper will continue to haunt you...
  9. actually one more reason to hop on the Fin train haha
  10. @Saul Goodman any update on your plan of action? Are you just going to wait and see what happens?
  11. for all my previous HTs I saw the first signs of growth around 4 months almost on the dot. You aren't even at 4 months yet. I know waiting sucks but theres nothing odd yet with no growth at 111 days.
  12. If its really stressing you out you should contact the clinic and just be completely honest and ask for their input. They may just lie or beat around the bush, or you may find actual reassurance and they will rationally tell explain the ins and outs of your particular hair transplant. I know its a lot mentally to put yourself out there and be honest with the clinic that you are anxious and potentially unhappy with the work they did, but what do you have to lose?
  13. It's definitely not a high possibility but it is possible.
  14. thanks @Dr. Suhail Khokhar and @DrTBarghouthi! I feel good taking the prednisone.
  15. yes I was reading prednisone is commonly given post-op. So assume there is no negative interaction, still good to make sure. @DrTBarghouthi thoughts? Thanks!
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