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  1. You better use Cialis and you'll feel better. my doctor said that it is new an they don't know a lot about it, but after I started to use it, my body started to feel like at 25 again, I can run more and make exercise wothout being afraid that lately I will have problem because I am to tired. Viagra and Minoxidil doesn't help a lot. My wifi bought for me Cialis is like an energetic, but not for everyday use.
  2. Sorry for you buddy, but I don't think that they are bad, you can easily delete them, because their is a remedy, when I had some on my scalp my doctor gave me a link with a lotion, that need to be applied on the area where is the wart and it is gonna disappear by itself, but you have to wait few days. You can see by yourself if you click here what is up with that remedy.