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  1. Hey Guys I had a DHI transplant in June 2019. I not quite sure if I am satisfied. I became familiar with this site after I did the HT I am not using any supplements etc. I'm still washing my hair with baby shampoo. But this is the has been the progress so far. BEFORE: AFTER DHI Progress since far JANUARY 2020 Let me hear what you think?
  2. Hey guys, It almost 4 months back since I got a HT(DHI) and it is growing slowley - whereas I have seen others has grown faster than mine #impatient When I touch my hair I see sebum falling from my scalp and sometimes with newly growing hair. Iam not using any supplement and are only using the shampoo giving from the clinic. Should I worry or?
  3. @jj51702 I already wrote thanks in advance, but it wasnot my intention! but thanks to all of you guys who have answered!. I have a additionally I also experience same type of shedding with the the follicles etc. in the donor area is that normal?
  4. @Dr. Glenn Charles Hey doctor thanks for the reply. one more question is that also normal that some of the hair from the donor area sheeds?
  5. @Melvin-Moderator thanks appreciate the quick answer! But mine is has been a DHI surgery and is almost one month after is that okay then to use aloe Vera gel?
  6. @Melvin-Moderator here you go @Aftermathmaybe? Thats why i only bought one and not for 6 month - but do you have another alternative because it’s itching
  7. Hey hey I got recommend by the clinique to buy a hair serum for for my donor and recipient area for growth and itching issues. Unfortunalty I ran out of it, and it cost a s...load to get to EU. Do you guys have any recommendation, what else can be used? and do you guys/girls have any tips/advice for a itching donor area?
  8. Hey Guys, It's one month and 10 days ago I had a HT in turkey with the DHI method, they took around 3670 graft! - I will make a journey later I have some questions this week I have experinced that two hair shed with the hair follicles - there was no bleeding though! are they gone forever or is it normal? my donor area is still a bit itchy - do you have any advise? Thank you guys
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