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  1. Price becomes the dominant factor when someone needs something and has a certain budget. Its also the first introduction many will get when first exploring their hairloss issues.Its always the lower 'cost' clinics with amazing results and as many grafts you will ever need that pop up on initial google searches.
  2. The results Eugenix post are quite frankly astounding.They seem to be able to carve a great result no matter what circumstances.
  3. Imagine Hair Clinic in Wellesley MA. Saw Dr. Magdelin. Got this from his first post.
  4. Im not convinced this is true.I would imagine like anything that involves an individual and their biological makeup its impossible to predict or equate with others. Take action from a personal viewpoint in the now and consider the rest when you're doing all you can for yourself.
  5. What a difference a charà.I hope your result matches the kindness and advice you gave to me when i first landed here clueless!! Its some transformation brother and its only going to get better!
  6. Sam3779, go enjoy yourself, kiss a lot of girls, travel as much as you can and concentrate on important stuff.. Going bald isnt one of them..
  7. These cases are most difficult.Obviously the OP didnt get the result he expected and in my opinion he has every right to be disappointed. The problem is that there are so many variables and reasons.Like anything just because you put maximum care,effort and dedication into something, you can never be guaranteed a perfect outcome. But at very least when things dont turn out as expected a willingness and desire to try get there is very admirable. I dont envy your job Melvin!
  8. Ive been taking fin for nearly 3 years.It absoloutely caused no growth for me, but it did without question slow my hairloss. When i started fin i tried to forget about hairloss and to an extent it helped knowing i was at least giving myself the best chance of keeping what i had. I know a lot of folks say 3 months/5 months maybe a year for results but in my case my result is not gaining or giving up any significant difference.. Keep going if its easy and your body absorbs well.. You will be surprised how quick time passes and a look back then will be far more revealing than now..
  9. What a difference and a reminder of how someones features can be totally changed from having a skilled doctor and obvious forward thinking.. When my time arrives HDC will be at the top of the list.When i initally reached out through the generic online/whtsapp medium HDC were the only company that didnt suggest a massive amount of grafts for a set amount of money.They also communicated the importance of donor preservation and forward planning for the inevitable loss of more hair. They were different
  10. These sort of outcomes are what this forum for me is all about. Persons who put their trust in interested and ethical surgeons can and will give themselves a massive advantage in gaining the right result. The difference here is skillfull and considerate. Well done
  11. This is an amazing result from an obviously difficult starting point.If i thought that from afar id imagine the patient must be thrilled. A blinding result
  12. Paddy you are a gentleman.Im not qualified or smart enough to comment on your procedure. But i can say without doubt, the time and effort you shared with me,stopped me from making an ill-informed decision. I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to seeing the great result you're going to get..Be well my fellow Irishman!
  13. Hey everyone,Im obviously new to the site and im so glad i've found it My hairloss started in my 20's but seemed to stop for 10yrs or so.It has returned the last year with thinning to the front.Im a two year fin user which i believe has steadied the ship. I have reached out to some clinics via online consultation and was surprised at the amount of grafts recommended(3500-4000. I would just like some density and maybe a little hairline work. Im 44 and dont want or need a hairline of my youth! All comments would be much appreciated!Thanks in advance! Edit:Ive just n
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