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  1. Paddy you are a gentleman.Im not qualified or smart enough to comment on your procedure. But i can say without doubt, the time and effort you shared with me,stopped me from making an ill-informed decision. I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to seeing the great result you're going to get..Be well my fellow Irishman!
  2. Hey everyone,Im obviously new to the site and im so glad i've found it My hairloss started in my 20's but seemed to stop for 10yrs or so.It has returned the last year with thinning to the front.Im a two year fin user which i believe has steadied the ship. I have reached out to some clinics via online consultation and was surprised at the amount of grafts recommended(3500-4000. I would just like some density and maybe a little hairline work. Im 44 and dont want or need a hairline of my youth! All comments would be much appreciated!Thanks in advance! Edit:Ive just noticed ive posted in a completely wrong area,Apologies and maybe a mod could send to the right section!