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  1. Yes you can expect you’ll analyse and panic over anything that doesn’t look “normal” in the beginning. Aside from the scab you mentioned everything else is looking very good and on track.
  2. At ten days post the donor area is looking very good indeed. I wouldn’t worry about some areas looking less dense than others as it’s normal to panic that some areas are thinner than others. I went through this myself on both surgeries and was panicking about some areas but turned out fine. the scab is located to only one area so I would simply keep contact with the clinic and follow instructions. Keep us updated.
  3. Hi Carl, sorry to hear this, but I’m glad you went to Dr Umar considering how many good things I’ve seen about him. That was a good choice.
  4. I have to point out that I have found Melvin to be a genuine and a down to earth poster who has probably helped many patients over the years with this forum. There is no need for hostility here.
  5. Hi MachoVato, please note the word “potentially” in my statement, which is unfortunately true when it comes to a lot of hair transplant surgeons in Turkey. I did not make any absolute or defamatory statements about the clinic. Again I stress the use of the word “potentially”. I also do not claim to be any of those you things mentioned but I can see based on your signature why would you respond as such. In any case, my intentions and concerns towards the original poster were coming from a good place and I do not wish to participate in a heated argument since number 1) I have no intere
  6. Jalolbek, as others have warned you I strongly suggest you do more research Into this. Your age, no medications, and looking at a potentially unethical clinic in Turkey To take 4-5,000 Graftsis a recipe for disaster. You really need a skilled surgeon to make a master plan to review your situation and to account for future loss etc. I don’t believe the clinic you chose in Turkey has your best interests in mind .
  7. Great write up Parasol and well done choosing HDC. I strongly believe you made the best possible choice. Wish you the best of luck with your results and keep us updated.
  8. John Smith at your current level of hairloss you need to choose wisely so I would consider Europe as well. As previously mentioned in this post, I would look at HDC. Good luck.
  9. Great results, huge improvement compared to the beginning. How many grafts were taken total for the two procedures?
  10. Best of luck! You chose a World class surgeon and an excellent clinic!
  11. It’s really about the odds. Yes it’s correct that because it’s a surgical procedure there are no guarantees at any clinic but why take a bigger risk than you need to by going to one of those hair mills? Yes you can potentially have a good outcome and save money but what if it goes wrong? You’ll end up losing both money and time to have it repaired. You only have a limited amount of hair to take, I just don’t see it as worth the risk. I would try and get it right from the start and go to a surgeon with high reviews but that’s just me.
  12. Some patients have redness that last a little longer but it passes. As others have mentioned, you are in the worst stage right now. Like you I also had shock loss I believe in some areas but they Eventually improved. I have attached my own stages After Fue with Dr Maras at 1 week after, somewhere around month 1-3 after, ( the worst stage) and about a year after the surgery. It’s not called the worst stage for nothing, hang in there.
  13. Yes I understand that. It’s an unfortunate reality of the world today. You are not the first to deal with this but as I said, fortunately it is fixable. If you want my opinion for a surgeon I would contact HDC and Dr Maras purely based on the fact that they repair so many cases of patients that went to Turkey and had undesirable results, so unfortunately they’ve become sort of experts at repairing surgeries from Turkey but of course the surgeon is your choice and yours alone. Wish you the best in any case and again sorry you didn’t get the desired results you deserved.
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