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  1. Because of your high Norwood I would suggest to proceed with extreme caution when it comes to surgery. You may need to manage you expectations. I would consider contacting Dr Maras and getting an opinion as he and his clinic deal with cases like yours and the priority for them is to preserve as much of your donor area as possible for the future.
  2. I’m on the first page of the bald truth forum hair transplant section. My name is Helios. I can privately picture you pictures of my shedding phase and the results so far however.
  3. Yes I have a small thread on here and a big thread on bald truth transplant section. Just look for the name Helios. It’s quite a big thread
  4. Good luck with whatever surgeon you go with hairseeker. There is no such thing as asking too many questions when it comes to this surgery. This is something you want to get right from the start. I had six top surgeons in mind from Turkey, Belgium, Cyprus etc and I spent months before finally deciding on one. Many people have rushed in to this or tried to save money only to regret that decision for years later. There is no such thing as being too safe or too cautious. Please keep us updated on what surgeon you go for.
  5. I understand the difficulty in choosing a surgeon. I spent months and months researching and ultimately decided on Dr Maras as he and his clinics main priority was safety and the long term future. He also has accommodation directly opposite the clinic. I personally had excellent results with him
  6. Every procedure causes scarring to an extent but FUE are more spaced out dots whereas FUT is a long strip on the back. With FUE I’ve gone down to a 1 guard with very minimal evidence of the surgery. You can’t have the hair that short with FUT. my opinion is that even if you don’t go to Dr Maras at least send his clinic an email because they will give you a very honest and detailed account on the benefits and risks of the surgery from the beginning. A lot of clinics that I contacted didn’t do that and were quick to try and sell me something.
  7. Btw when I messaged Turkey they were quick to tell me to do 5,000 in one procedure. I refused. Dr Maras divides the surgery and does no more than 3,000-3,500 in one session. He also did the hairline design, most of the extractions, and incisions himself while the technicians did the rest of the extractions and implantation.
  8. Yes he’s the same. They prioritise safety, preserving as much of your donor hair as possible and limiting scarring. It’s why I chose them. Good luck with whatever surgeon you go to.
  9. Good surgeons. Also consider Dr Maras in Cyprus as he and his clinic prioritise preserving as much of your donor hair as possible and being as cautious as possible.
  10. It might sound biased but I guess you’re just proud of the forum. Nothing wrong with that. It might very well be the best forum for hair transplants. All I know for a fact is that there has been a mass increase in negativity in all the forums the last few years. There is no brotherhood on the forums including this one as there used to be. By all means I applaud you for trying to fight it. It flat out sucks. Everyone just attacks and insults each other. I hardly post any more because of it
  11. It’s not just this forum Melvin. Myself and other users who previously used others forums a few years ago have found that there is so much negativity on the forums and the brotherhood that existed is now almost non existant. I don’t know what happened.
  12. I would also ask whether you have considered excellent surgeons in other countries. You seem to be new to this so may I ask what has made you lean towards Turkey? There are good surgeons in Turkey but there are also good surgeons in Belgium, Cyprus Etc
  13. I think a major problem at Asmed is the over reliance on technicians to do most of the surgery. I believe it defeats the purpose of going to any doctor if the doctor is going to do very little of the actual work themselves . Thats why I was very pleased with Dr Maras as he was very involved during my surgery.
  14. Melvin what do you think about dermarolling with Minoxidil? I’ve been using Minoxidil for years but am wondering if I’d get any improvements if I started dermarolling before applying it. My opinion is no.
  15. I know what you mean about hair greed except I already feel that way about a possible second transplant. I will likely hold hold off as long as possible after the second as you never know what can happen in the future and I’d feel “safer” having as much donor hair as possible. Excellent results and glad it worked out well for you