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  1. Thank you for putting things in perspective again, truly appreciate your perspective here, I am not doing anything rash, all in all things still look good and I will certainly approach visit with Dr. Rahal with an open mind. I am trying to be a bit wise here and think about my appearance from a long term perspective, to try and put things in perspective for you guys, i did not get a huge amount of grafs (less than 2k), so at this point I would like to remove the thick spaced out hairs that are at the very front that are not too too far away from my real hair line anyways ONLY IF there is no
  2. Yes I am using both and I feel that hair loss is creeping up on me SLOWLY but surely lol
  3. Dazed, thank you for taking the time to talk to me again man, I really appreciate it. I certainly do not think there is any horrible damage to my skin, my gf still does not believe i got a HT even after I told her, i remember when I got the HT with Alvi Armani it was FANTASTIC work (I am aware of the negative feedback) but then again to be fair to him he gave me the work I wanted at that time and because I was 26 the hairline I started notice receding was still fresh in my mind and wanted it back in a way lol, my hair loss is SLOWLY progressing but that is because i am on finasteride and mino
  4. Btw I have booked a consultation with Dr. Rahal on the 22 nd of Aug.
  5. Scarring and maintaining a natural look are my concerns that I am here to look into with your help guys..
  6. thanks buddy, i really appreciate the feedback here!! lol i was more like stupid 12 years ago than unsatisfied, and honestly it was more psychological if anything, I was in great shape and I still am physically and even look good with a shaved head but somehow I wanted that David Beckham's hair 🤦‍♂️. Worst case scenario I would shave my head and consider SMP. Another HT, I am not sooo sure I just want to be natural and if I feel that removing the transplanted hairs would leave me in a worse spot from a SCARRING point of view than I would just start shaving to 1, I am not obsessing or anyth
  7. Thank you for answer Dr Blake, with regards to my hair i am considering SMP in the donor area (which is not bad since i did the fue anyways) but as far as the front side and the temples go, I would not want to do anything, my skin there is ok and if I could just remove the transplanted hairs (maybe not all of it but just some of it) and yet keep a natural look that would be great! Thank you for the suggestion, I will look the individual up for sure
  8. Thanks for the tip, lol it seems like lot of folks come on here asking to undo the work they got done, i have never been on any forums in the past so i am not that familiar with the discussions. Like I stated i had less than 2000 grafts in the past by Dr Alvi Armani when i was 26 which i was so happy with (btw i just realized there was lot of negative feedback regarding his work) but given that I am 38 my hairline is slowly receding and based on the research i did apparently HT Dr's can fix it or remove the transplanted work. Having said all that, I completely agree with everything you said
  9. Wow I feel for this guy, not sure mine is as bad as that though, I can relate to a certain extent for sure!! I am so happy to have found this forum tbh...I hope I can get some help to reverse the procedure I got 12 years ago with a top Dr
  10. Thank you for the answer, i really do not want to do any work at this point and wish I could get rid of my HT in the best way possible in terms of scarring.
  11. Hey Guys, First of all thank you so much for all the helpful info everyone posts here, in 2007 i had a FUE HT for 2000 Grafts in the front region mainly the temples(but I think it was less) by Dr Alvi Armani, I am aware that the feedback is not the greatest but I gotta admit he did a job that I was very happy with tbh. The only problem that I am realizing now that the hairline was a bit aggressive plus you add the fact that I got the HT when I was 26 which I should not have done provided that I was going to continue losing hair; now that my natural hair is receding, I am starting to no
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