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  1. Hey mate, I'm in Toronto too looking at Rahal. Do you have any more before pics? What Norwood would you say you are? Thanks in advnace!
  2. Anyone know a place in Toronto where I could get an unbiased donor area assessment?
  3. Thanks for documenting brother. I'll be watching this close as I am looking to get it one here as well. Keep us posted brother
  4. Just wondering if anyone knows how many grafts are needed for just the temple triangles. one of my temporal triangles is pretty much gone.
  5. all the best, I am looking into this clinic as well. Did Dr. Cinik perform the procedure? Keep us posted brother.
  6. Did you have to use fin or minox after transplant?
  7. but guys, if you are shaving it...it'll just be a hair follicle no? i would have 0 intention of growing this out
  8. I agree if you were to grow it out long, but if you are shaving it all off to the stuble...wouldn't it work?
  9. Hi Everyone, Not too familiar with BHT(body hair transplant) so i thought i'd ask some of the experts here. So I actually don't want long lush hair, I prefer the shaved head look. I met a few folks that had SMP but that doesn't look real up close and in person. Would I be able to achieve a shaved head look after a BHT? I am attaching an image of what I'd like from the BHT. It's my first post and I'd appreciate the feedback and if you have a recommended doctor, I'd be open to that. Thanks in advance!
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