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  1. Doctor said it's fine, going in thursday for a follow up just to be 100% sure. Found it weird to have that crack and no hair, but still have holes. Thank you for the response. I got it done at LA HAIR CLINIC I recommend them!!
  2. Hey Everyone! Got my FUE done Monday July 8. Yesterday afternoon before my wash I noticed this. Called the doctor and they said it was normal. If you look close you can see holes, which i feel means its fine. I doubt it was missed. What do you think? It's called "crack effect"
  3. Yes they are strong, just needed a little reinforcement in the middle.
  4. Personally, I dont think vaping is as bad as smoking. Smoking is carcinogens and nicotine Vape is more of just nicotine, which can inhibit the hair growth. Im on a few days of not vaping. I've been eating a lot but all for the new hairs!
  5. An hour before procedure immediately after Day after for my first wash in the back donor First day my front hair line today day 3
  6. Hey everyone! I just recently finished my FUE transplant at LA Hair Clinic and I am very happy. I will admit though I have smoked vape Juul in specific 3% a little the night before then a day after my procedure and the day after. I am currently on day 4 and I am craving it and I don't know what to do? Is it bad to smoke vape with little nicotine? Or should I just cold turkey? My fear with cold turkey is that it will shock my body and it may affect it worse. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  7. i take propecia and i'm good i dont take dutasteride but im considering it, but i would take one or the other not both
  8. It was top notch! Sleep well the night before and get there at 630 am. Flora is such a sweet, informative, amazing human!! I loved every moment of it. the only thing i did not like were the shots, but that is because i am scared of shots lol but other than that...sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! GOOD LUCK!
  9. Amazing results man!! Just got my work done with Jacques and very excited to see the results!! Best of luck!
  10. Wow man!! It is looking great!! Your hair healed super quick! Very happy for you!! Question: I saw you take dutasteride once a week...why is that? how have you seen that help?
  11. Until after I went and did my work I was more comfortable telling a few close friends , and I found out a few had gone to him which blew my mind!
  12. I am sorry but how does this correlate to anything i posted?
  13. I made that mistake my fault, but with his work ethic his professional demeanor, and the overall experience I consider him a doctor. He buzzed, took out grafts, designed, set holes in the front. He didn't set the hairs as the team did that who all used to work at Alvi Armani But he did 80% i would say
  14. Hey everyone! I've been on this site for a few years now looking around doing research and trying to find the best solution to my hair loss. 1. I am 28 years old and started to notice hair loss around 24-25 years old. 2. It started to recede which I thought looked good, until it started to thin out in the front and a little at the crown. 3. I started to do my research and decided to get on Minox. at age 26 and Fin at age 28. 4. Both worked good, but it was still bothering me so I decided to start looking into hair transplant, specifically FUE. 5. I went to Dr. Diep, Bosley, La Hair Clinic, Alvi Armani, Marc Dauer, Ziering, and many many more. 6. Dr. Diep in my opinion was rude and not professional (on his phone and tried to scoot me out the room ASAP) Bosley, was too run of the mill (Even though my dad did the strip method here 30 years ago and had amazing results and is in late 60's and looks amazing compared to his bald brother. Alvi Armani, although had good work was too expensive, kinda snobby, and would call me every other day offering me a deal, discount, open space, etc. which i thought was weird. So I finally went to LA Hair Clinic and I felt very comfortable, but still chickened out and went back home, after a few months I went in again and this time I took it serious. I asked a lot of questions, and he made me feel very very comfortable. He even drew what it would look like and gave me design options which I thought were amazing! A few weeks pass by and I book my appointment for July 2019. Came in this Monday 6:30 am and met with Flor and the team. Flor is an amazing employee there and she was so sweet, helpful, informative, and made every step of the process a breeze. 7:30...dun dun dun. Jacques comes in with a smile and says "Are you ready!" We started the procedure, buzz cut, map out, then the needles to numb out the back...I must say the needles HURT like a B^&$% but I kept saying it's worth it it's worth it...then he started to take out the grafts 2800 in specific. After this was done came the design phase which we went back and forth until we both came up with a perfect design. Hair buzzed, numbed again, which hurt like a MF'r, but all in the name of hair right! At this time after buzzing and punching the holes one by one, it was lunch time! 24 oz. Steak medium rare, fries, mushrooms, bread, water, tv, and they even called my fiance to come in and surprise me! It was 3:30 when we were done with lunch and came back to the room to start setting the grafts. 1. He did prp 2. his team started to put the gradts 1 by 1 by 1... 3. at around 630 we were done and i was beyond happy! 4. They gave me a goody bag with solutions, pills, directions etc. Came back the next day for a wash and they were again very friendly, informative, and always ready to help! I am 3 days post op and I must say other than the swelling i am beyond happy!! LA Hair Clinic and the team are A++++ in my books and I have already recomended them to many of my friends and family. I will update and post pictures as the time goes and I look forward in seeing my results. In the mean time I have a few questions to see if you all can help. 1. What are your thoughts on taking hair skin and nail pills 2. I have a little thinning in the crown and I will start minox again in a week or so but I am thinking of changing to Dutasteride from Fin since it is stronger but does not have the FDA approval for hair loss 3. Unfortunately I vape juul 3% and I have smoked it a few times since my surgery. What are your thoughts on vaping. I know it is bad to smoke and it can affect the hair growth and recovery. At the same time I feel like cold turkey would shock me and potentially affect it more. I would appreciate and feedback I will post pictures in the next few days! Cheers!