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  1. All valid points. However, what about lack of regulations like we have here, liability laws, etc? Does that not give anyone pause? Or is money such a huge factor that it overrides all those concerns? Once again, none of this is meant to denigrate the foreign surgeons/clinics. Just trying to get a feel for this surge towards overseas surgeries, and the almost complete lack of any presence of the U.S surgeons on these forums.
  2. I have been following this forum for a while. There was a time when this forum was filled with discussions about North American HT surgeons, like Feller, Dorin, Epstein, Glenn Charles, Hasson & Wong. I get that competition has increased and many of these international surgeons work for a fraction of what a U.S surgeon would charge. But, does that really warrant this kind of disparity? From what i see, better than 95% of the topics are about international HT surgeons. Just curious, that's all. No disrespect or offence intended.
  3. Consult, pictures, feedback from this site. I am using all of that. Really trying to do my due diligence before a big, life altering, decision. All the comments, feedback and other help greatly appreciated.
  4. As i stated at the onset of this thread, i had a skype consult with Dr. Wong and felt very good about it. However, after waiting this long, a video consult just wont cut it. Plus, i am curious to meet Dr. Hasson also, and he doesn't do video consults. Booked a consult with both. Flying from New York. Their rep, Chris, was very helpful in working with me so i could see them both same day. I have no doubt Dr. Konior is great, and we have emailed back and forth, but the guy is just so freaking busy. Getting a consult can be hard enough. I haven't closed that door, but leaning towar
  5. Is it a common consensus on this site that Dr. Hasson's results are significantly better and consistent than those of Dr. Wong. Bismarck had mentioned that and made me curious. Of the two, who is better at mega sessions?
  6. That's actually very interesting. Based purely on pictures on this site, i thought Dr. Wong had more jaw dropping results.
  7. Actually, I think H & W are about average when it comes to money in this area. Dr. Konior is what i would consider extremly expensive, but based on his results, probably worth it .
  8. FUT. I already have a scar from a previous surgery, so don't see the point in FUE. From what i hear, Dr. Wong is great in maximizing donor hair, which is what i am hoping to accomplish.
  9. Good way to put it. Small difference, but every bit matters. Did you end up going with Dr. Konior? I called his office, he even schedules the consults himself. Very unusual, but hands-on from beginning to finish, apparently. I have decided to have a consult with Dr. Konior, and depending on how that goes, i think i am open to waiting a year or so.
  10. You are right. Just called his office and Konior wait time is almost a year. I don't mind waiting if the difference between Dr. Wong and Dr. Konior is that significant, but my question is, is it really that huge a difference between the results? Worth waiting a year, possibly even longer?
  11. After doing some more research, I agree with those of you who said they don't put too much weight into the certifications when it comes to this particular field. Certain fields like internal medicine and cardiology "require" certifications. That's not the case with hair transplants. Besides, Dr. Wong received an award from ISHRS, and his results overall are astounding. I read a couple bad reviews, but that's not uncommon even with the best doctors. i am going back and forth between Dr. Wong and Dr. Konior. Konior does everything himself, from what i have heard. I think Wong has
  12. Single session ? i would be lucky if i get half that number. Do you have a thread of your progress?
  13. Thanks, will send you an email and maybe we can speak. I am in New York, btw.
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