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  1. Thoughts? Is this legit? https://www.regeneraactiva.com/en/ Tex
  2. Thanks guys. I'm not set on Artas and I definitely don't like the larger punch size that manual fue doctors use. And yes, I'm looking for a good doctor and team for their skills. My gut tells me to go overseas for this as the labor intensive procedure here makes is more costly.
  3. I found this place from the Artas site. Anyone have experiences with their doctors? They are showing a special as low as $4.50/graft. I couldn't find anything in the search here so that may or may not be a good sign. Thanks, Jonas
  4. Hi, I'm considering Dr Erdogan, but the US State Dept has a travel advisory level 3 (reconsider travel) for Turkey. How safe is it to travel to Istanbul only for the the procedure? Thanks, Jonas