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  1. I can’t argue with anything you have said In that post, I hope you get things sorted going forward, all the best
  2. If it was just out of them two, I think I would go with Bisanga. Both good surgeons, but when I was looking, I found most uk surgeons to be a lot more conservative in the number of grafts used, and hair line designs.Dr Ball’s quote was about 1800, well on your level of loss that wouldn’t give you any density! And a very conservative hairline. Dr bisanga’s quote of 4000 is more realistic.however even at that number I think you would possibly need another transplant for full density in the crown. Best of luck whoever you choose
  3. Only 1080 grafts, looking good Uncle Drew, Looks quite dense for that amount! Heal Well👍 And stay hydrated.
  4. Im sorry, but have you got the before and afters mixed up? because the before looks so much better!! In the second picture, he actually does look like he has thinning of the hairline. Like other members have said this guy has hair that most guys would kill for, and the Dr should never of accepted him as a patient. I am truly gob smacked, “significant diffuse thinning” are you serious? Well he has now. Sorry to be so brutal but what a complete waste of this guys money. As a senior member Bill and a very well respected one at that, I’m very surprised and disappointed in your comments, no matter how nice you think he is. This was a poor decision in my opinion to do this transplant, and wasted 1800 grafts that the guy might genuinely need, further on in life! Rant over 😤
  5. I’m not 100% sure what you are asking, but I think this may help. So this patient had 2500grafts extracted. So there will be only 2500 incisions made in the recipient area, but the patient will have had 5625 hairs in total planted. This equates to an average of 2.25 hairs per graft . All clinics will have charts/white boards with this information on for you to see.👍simples!
  6. Surely it depends on the method of extraction, if it’s manual then yes, two days. However if it’s motorised then 2500 is not a lot for a Doc to do in a day. You have already stated that he won’t be planting the grafts. There are so many top surgeons doing 4000 plus grafts in one sitting, using motorised method, with great results.if it was me and it’s motorised, there is no way I would sit for two days. If it’s Manual extraction, then yes I would sit for two days as it is a lot more tedious.
  7. Have a look at HIBISCRUB it has incredible reviews for lots of skin conditions, you just have to get the right dilution for whatever your using it for. From acne, to athletes foot, to folliculitis. look at the reviews on Amazon, hope you get it sorted.
  8. Normally one of the technicians stands next to the Doc/tech with a hand held tally clicker, or whatever they use, and counts every time he/she makes an incision. The same applies with extraction process I think. So this should tally up with the number of grafts previously extracted. Obviously if the Doc is using the implanter pen method, then as long as there are no grafts left in the Petri dishes, you’re pretty much guaranteed that all the grafts have been planted.😂👍 Hope this helps.
  9. That’s why, when you look at the really dense hairlines, a lot of them are done with the DHI method. Is that why we are seeing some sub-par hairline results from some of the big clinics? ( not mentioning any names ) Is it because they are trying to cram in too many grafts using lateral incisions method? Sorry this doesn’t help the op, but it’s worth discussing maybe on another thread.
  10. Interesting!! I agree to a certain extent, that’s why I was curious to see what the Docs think.
  11. I’m a big fan of dr Kaan and his work, but this is absolute nonsense, if his existing hair had fallen out then I would agree. But it is clear from the photos the hairline was lowered and temples were filled in. Let’s not forget here guys, we are looking at 3500 grafts in total.This could be just one of those unlucky patients that, for, whatever reason the majority of grafts have just not survived. I would be interested if some of the Dr’s on this forum gave their professional opinion. I really feel for you dredd77 All the best.
  12. Ok, that makes sense, you stated Dr Clinic in your post😉 I think the op has done his research and narrowed it down to these two Docs. Yes there are lots of clinics in Turkey, but not that many that have only one patient a day, and that does the extractions/incisions within his budget. So let’s assume the op has done his due diligence, and give our opinions on who he has asked us to. Otherwise everybody will be chipping in with Different Clinic suggestions, and the op Will be none the wiser in his decision.
  13. I’m booked in with Dr Demirsoy on the 4th sept, I made this decision after trawling all the forums to read through patients experiences and to check the final results. Here’s a couple of photos off his website that convinced me of his quality. I’m a bit surprised by Dr Demirsoy quoting a thousand more grafts than Meddeb. He doesn’t normally overuse grafts, so that would concern me a little with Dr Meddeb evaluation. But without seeing photos we can’t really give an opinion, but worth you thinking about! Anyway best of luck whoever you choose.
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