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  1. Thx guys. I already have contacted him and he said my donor supply should be ok. So, now I will plan the next surgery for this year.
  2. Yes, most likely I will do so. It had worked for me so far and I'm optimistic that it would do so a second time. Im not too sure though how many grafts my donor area would allow to be taken out.
  3. Hi, here an Update from month 8. Hair has been growing over the last few month. I'm happy with the result. There could be a bit more behind the hairline though. Maybe some more is happening over the coming months...
  4. Yes. Here is a picture from the 5th month. It seems that the hair in the hairline has grown quicker than the one further back. That may be because the blood circulation is higher in the front, not sure though. Assuming that some more hair is coming out and it will get stronger over the next months I can say that all seems to go well for me so far.
  5. Hi, i just want to share another update. It is now 4 months ago I had the hair transplant. The overall hair situation has improved to month 3 as you probably can see. More hair has grown. Though overall it still appears quite thin and not as full. Anyway I still see quite a lot of small hair that has come out from the scalp and I think over the next few months it will improve further. I'm confident. The scalp in the frontal part also still feels itchy, so I guess more hair will come out. Though the itchiness has diminished compared to one month ago. Hopefully there will be more behind the hairline. The donor overall looks good. I have cut the sides very short like 5mm and nobody noticed anything. However, right above both ears I noticed that it's a bit thinner. Not sure if it's only temporary because of shock loss or this is going to stay like that. I'm using minoxidil on this area and will see how it goes. I will keep you updated.
  6. The doner area looks fine to me. Sometimes it itches here and there but that's no issue. I don't feel numbness anywhere.
  7. Hi. I'm now at the 3 month stage and I want to share my status. So far I guess that all is going as expected. Most of the hair has fallen off from week three onwards. Maybe around 20% of the new hair went on growing and is still there. Two weeks ago I started to see some small hair at the recipient area and always when I touch the area I want to rub it as it feels itchy. So, from now I hope the hair will grow further.
  8. Thanks. Yes, I will share an update latest at the third month stage. I wish you all the best.
  9. Thanks so far. Dr. Bisanga was doing the injections and did the punching in the donor area. He was using something motorized with a punch size of 0.8. A lady helped to extract the grafts. After that Dr. Bisanga stitched the holes in the recipient area. Two ladies then inserted the grafts over several hours. There were quite a few supporters in the room. I can't tell what all of them did.
  10. Hey, it's finally done. All by FUE Total: 3021 1 hair: 443 2 hair: 1492 3 hair: 988 4 hair: 98 It was said to me that all went fine. I also don't feel much pain on the next of procedure.
  11. I'm going to have my hair transplant with Dr. Bisanga to cover 2/3 of my upper scalp. The session is scheduled to take place in mid of July. I've had a consultation meeting with him last year and he recommended to transplant approx. 2700-2800 grafts in that area. Most important to me is that it will look natural. I've had a very good impression of his work and so I decided to go for it. As you can see on the pic there's still hair in the area where grafts will be transplanted. I'm a bit worried about how it will look like after the existing 'old' hair has fallen out and the transplanted hair remains. Obviously it will look thinner than with it but Dr. Bisanga said that it will look ok as he will place the grafts as if the area would be bald. I will share my experience here with you.