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  1. Yeah not yet, this was planning for the future to use it in conjunction with a my next transplant for the crown area if and when it recedes.
  2. Yeh bro when i post the comparison photo from start to Finnish at 12 months it is insane in particular how much lower my hairline is than before. Truth is i almost only had the long hair to cover my receded temple points but always wanted to have it short.
  3. 10 months!! I believe I'm at my final result here but i will wait until the 12 month mark to do a proper photo of all angels and the big comparison photo of how far i have come which is a very very far. So not a lot of progress, not much change at all since the 6 month mark besides hairs maturing and feeling like real hairs now. I was a fast grower for sure and had most of my growing done by month 5 which was great as it never made it noticeable that i had this procedure done and still to this day not a single person has questioned that my hair looks different, instead only commented tha
  4. Also, here is a photo of my donor area when my hair is wet, when it is dry it looks fine but when wet personally i think it looks very thin with my scalp showing and i do not blame ASMED for over harvesting i think it is just my hair characteristics being thin and this has got me thinking of my future hair transplants as i don’t want to take to much more from there as it will only worsen, next i will use a mix of neck hair and donor or something. Also have been considering getting smp (scalp tattoo) in my donor which I’m hoping would fix this problem and not make my scalp so noticeable. If any
  5. 6 and a half months post op update: First i am going to say at this point i already think it is a success for me personally. All i wanted was to be able to have an appropriate hairline for my age thus allowing me to not have to always wear a hat and be self conscious and allow me to just by myself without stressing about this personal insecurity. My life has changed for the better on all fronts and i am very happy to finally put this dark part of my life behind me and move on. However, even though by no means is this a complete success on a hair transplants standards but for m
  6. Yeh right, aslong as you don't get the side effects from fin you should deff take it, i think it helps retain more hair during the shedding phase and it will of course keep your native hair for longer further down the track and yes for me to notice any difference from fin it did take about 4 months but that will be hard to monitor since your hair will begin growing in then after the htp. The shedding phase is shit but something that helps for it not to last so long before the hair start growing in is using rogaine foam on the transplanted area as it will allow hairs to grow in a month early an
  7. So a double post update for my 3rd and 4th month post op Here is a single frontal photo of my 3rd month just for reference to my 4th month pics, Now an update on my progress i have landed back home after being away for 3 and half months, I am pretty damn stoked with my result already and i am only at the 4 month a 2 day mark, i have been wearing my hair down (like the first photo below) to cover the inconsistencies with density and i have had many compliments on my hair aswell as not a single person questioning why my hairline is so much lower than before or anyt
  8. i had hair down to my shoulders before procedure so a shaved head is a look no-one has ever seen so perhaps i just stick to it.
  9. Hey lads, I got a hair transplant 2 and a half months ago getting 3600 grafts in the frontal area and temples and i did not tell anyone besides my parents and i do not want anyone knowing. So i have been away from home studying overseas for my recovery period and i fly back home in 1 month meaning when i fly back i will be 3 and a half months post op. My question to you guys is did you just continue to grow you hair or did you shave it? for me i think my only option is to shave it as i am obviously thin in my temple area's in the early stages of post op which people will question. Fro
  10. nice again man, even though the density isn't quite there yet with a small amount of fibres it would look great and or if you were to grow your hair longer you have enough hair their now that it would look good longer and still a good 5ish more months for thickening up.
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