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  1. Yeh right, aslong as you don't get the side effects from fin you should deff take it, i think it helps retain more hair during the shedding phase and it will of course keep your native hair for longer further down the track and yes for me to notice any difference from fin it did take about 4 months but that will be hard to monitor since your hair will begin growing in then after the htp. The shedding phase is shit but something that helps for it not to last so long before the hair start growing in is using rogaine foam on the transplanted area as it will allow hairs to grow in a month early and then before you know it, the ugly duckling stage will be over. Save some photos for yourself when its in its worst state so you can at the end see how far you have come.
  2. So a double post update for my 3rd and 4th month post op Here is a single frontal photo of my 3rd month just for reference to my 4th month pics, Now an update on my progress i have landed back home after being away for 3 and half months, I am pretty damn stoked with my result already and i am only at the 4 month a 2 day mark, i have been wearing my hair down (like the first photo below) to cover the inconsistencies with density and i have had many compliments on my hair aswell as not a single person questioning why my hairline is so much lower than before or anything like that which i am over the moon about. I have continued use of minoxidil over my thinning / transplanted area daily aswell as my use of finasteride and i am incorporating taking biotin supplement now also. Furthermore, using nizoral, laser helmet and coconut shampoo / conditioner 2-3 times a week. Overall, my temple angles grew in instantly and looks great framing my face finally and for density i feel like it is great for only 4 months, the back of my head is good enough when my hair is dry but seems thin when wet, the longer hair helps to make that less noticeable, i suffered pretty badly from a thin looking donor area after my hair transplant when my hair was short (unfortunately didn't save any photos) up until a few weeks ago and i know this does happen and it should fill in again by month 6 or so but it was bit worrying with a noticeably thin donor area which is going to restrict me to longer hair. I hope this will recover and fill in and i have faith it will as ASMED is known for clean donor sites after it has all healed and this may also come down to just my hair characteristics being not so thick but i will judge at the end result. I no longer stress about taking my hat off which has sky rocketed my confidence and i can finally relax in social situations as i literally having nothing to hide anymore as prior to surgery it would be in constant paranoia that my hat would fall off or someone would tell me to take if off and then it would reveal my very much recided hairline, and that is only the start of the amount of confidence i have regained in the past few weeks after being insecure for all these years. Anyway small update here are some photo's Note: these are under harsh lighting & combed to show the thin area's etc... under normal lighting which is what i have seen it under until today it really does look much better but as always its best to show it in its worst state
  3. i had hair down to my shoulders before procedure so a shaved head is a look no-one has ever seen so perhaps i just stick to it.
  4. Hey lads, I got a hair transplant 2 and a half months ago getting 3600 grafts in the frontal area and temples and i did not tell anyone besides my parents and i do not want anyone knowing. So i have been away from home studying overseas for my recovery period and i fly back home in 1 month meaning when i fly back i will be 3 and a half months post op. My question to you guys is did you just continue to grow you hair or did you shave it? for me i think my only option is to shave it as i am obviously thin in my temple area's in the early stages of post op which people will question. From your experices if i shave it down to a number 1 or 2 all over and cut the transplanted hair as short as possible with scissors will it all blend in or does it still look noticeably thin even when it is short short. Thanks boys
  5. nice again man, even though the density isn't quite there yet with a small amount of fibres it would look great and or if you were to grow your hair longer you have enough hair their now that it would look good longer and still a good 5ish more months for thickening up.
  6. Yeah for sure most people don't even know hair transplants exist and even if they do how to spot them, balding early is really tough i seriously thought i had already reached my peak of happiness back a couple years ago when i had finished school when i had hair and only just started reciding and had accepted this that life was never going to be as good as that. When really for 99% of people finishing school it is only the beginning of their happiness. Anyway, hopefully this procedure gives us all a 2nd chance.
  7. I wish it were that easy i could just own it that i had it done. Buuut, i am 21 and people i know are not mature and at this age no-one is accepting of stuff like this yet instead it could me used against me especially with the kind of people i am friends with... The pro to it all is since none of my friends are balding or anyone i know my age for that matter they are all uneducated on hairloss so i can simply tell them i changed my diet and started using minoxidil or something and hopefully that will be enough.
  8. I am 1 month post op at ASMED and i thought i was crazy as i also am complaining that my hairline is to aggressive, i have a 3head now which i honestly like it makes me look better but i have no idea how I'm gonna pull this off when i get back home without people asking questions, i wish it was bit more clearer where the hairline was going to be and a little more time to review it... glad I'm not the only one, I'm thing perhaps when the hair is longer and swept back it will make my forehead bit bigger.
  9. For me, it is seasonally. I have noticed when we move into June-October (Australian seasons) my hair begins to shed and thin for these months. I have noticed this for 3 years now so after next year i will be sure that my hair thins seasonally during the winter and thickens up again during summer and by the time its good again its already winter again haha
  10. Nice one man, very relatable to the part where you said a recided hairline with a 5 or 6 head can completely ruin a faces symmetry and with no other way of putting it make you an ugly guy... even with every other part of your face looking great its a real deal breaker. Im only 21 and it took my awhile to put the connection together that my recided hairline did not at all compliment my face. It was only once i realised the reason wearing a hat made my face look good was it hid my hairline and that made all the difference. Its an unusual thing but luckily we took the plunge as i am 1 month post op at ASMED and am right in the middle of the ugly duckling stage. Hopefully the last time ill see my balding ugly head until I'm atlest 40. Then i may be okay with shaving it off.