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  1. Great, thanks Melvin. The donor scar is pretty large, no change yet.
  2. Month 7+ Update Sorry for the delay. Well, overall I'm pretty happy with the hairline Dr. Diep has created, but I think the transplanted hair is still fairly... Wispy. I can definitely tell that the hair in those areas are much thinner and separated from each other. I've been putting hair gel in and slicked back it looks good and more uniform, but I don't like going out without it. I'm hoping for the best as I know theres still a few more months until I hit the year mark.
  3. The small thin one underneath the current one is from my first procedure from another doctor.
  4. 3 month update: Well I finally caved and buzzed my hair down so it was all the same length cuz it was starting to look odd with these short patches in front. Anywho, very happy with the hairline and progress this far, still needs to fill in a little but I'm happy and don't think I've had a hairline like this since I was a kid. The donor area is pretty rough though and I have to wear a hat until the hair back there can cover it again. I was always planning on growing it out though so no biggie there.
  5. Just over a month post-op. A lot of the transplanted hairs seem to have fallen out by now. And now I wait...
  6. Two week update. Scabs mostly gone and little hairs remain. Excited to see what happens next.
  7. Day 8 post-op Finally touched the recipient area with my hands to shampoo and get rid of scabs per doctors instructions. Everything seems firmly in place so I'm happy.
  8. Day 5 Post-op update. Recipient area healing nicely, donor area still tender but covered by my long hair length. Feeling good enough to leave the house. GRAFT # CORRECTION: I was contacted by Dr. Dieps office yesterday informing me that I actually signed up for 2250 grafts not the 2000 I posted. Anyways, they actually transplanted 2400+ grafts and were looking for an extra $1000+ for the extra grafts. Luckily, I remember very well that I signed a form stating I desired no extra grafts, so she apologized for their mistake. It sounds like I got a couple extra hairs out of the deal 😄.
  9. Day 3, Walgreens won't fill my prescription for Norco and wants to speak with the office, who are busy at the moment and told me to email them. Advil it is I guess.
  10. Hmm I was awake for at least 8 hours or so, but they stuck so many needles in back there, it's anyone's guess haha.