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  1. Just over a month post-op. A lot of the transplanted hairs seem to have fallen out by now. And now I wait...
  2. Two week update. Scabs mostly gone and little hairs remain. Excited to see what happens next.
  3. Day 8 post-op Finally touched the recipient area with my hands to shampoo and get rid of scabs per doctors instructions. Everything seems firmly in place so I'm happy.
  4. Day 5 Post-op update. Recipient area healing nicely, donor area still tender but covered by my long hair length. Feeling good enough to leave the house. GRAFT # CORRECTION: I was contacted by Dr. Dieps office yesterday informing me that I actually signed up for 2250 grafts not the 2000 I posted. Anyways, they actually transplanted 2400+ grafts and were looking for an extra $1000+ for the extra grafts. Luckily, I remember very well that I signed a form stating I desired no extra grafts, so she apologized for their mistake. It sounds like I got a couple extra hairs out of the deal 😄.
  5. Yeah some pain making it hard to sleep but Advil helps.
  6. Day 3, Walgreens won't fill my prescription for Norco and wants to speak with the office, who are busy at the moment and told me to email them. Advil it is I guess.
  7. Hmm I was awake for at least 8 hours or so, but they stuck so many needles in back there, it's anyone's guess haha.
  8. Day 2 - my face is officially the size of a watermelon lol. I must've been so out of it yesterday that I took every pill EXCEPT the anti-swelling one. Anywho, feeling good and enjoying my mini vacation.
  9. Thanks Lennney! I guess I figured that I could cover up more during the ugly duckling phase.
  10. Hey y'all, I just want to post some pictures of my progress for my 2nd procedure using the strip method done yesterday June 28th. The forums here were a great source of information for me taking the dive in the first place, so I'm just looking to give back a little. I've always had a high widow's peak, but never worried about hair loss because no one in my immediate family has any real hair loss. Around 18-19 I stopped liking the way my hair looked in pictures and realized it might be a problem. Looking back now at photos 8-10 years ago, it doesn't seem like my natural hairline has changed too much since then. (About 2 years back, I got my first procedure with a completely different doctor and was unhappy with the results I received. I'm not here to bash him. I can't remember exactly how many grafts I had back then, but it couldn't have been more than 500 or so. The doctor was very conservative with what he wanted to do even though I requested more. Also, I was unaware of the need to wear a hat/cover up when in the sun for the 3-6 months following the procedure which may have contributed to some grafts not taking as I work outdoors in a sunny climate.) I'm 31 years old and paid $11.5k for this procedure of 2000 grafts using the strip method and an A-cell injection. Dr. Diep shaved a patch off the front of my head in preperation to thicken that area. I made an appointment about 11 months in advance and so far am very pleased with Dr. Diep, his staff and the hairline he created. Anywho, I'll try to update as much as I can. Sure don't have whole lot else to do for the next couple weeks except pop these pills and wait for my swollen head to return to normal size.