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  1. Can you elaborate? In which categories? This isn't about tribalism. It's about recommending the right procedure for the patient's case. In certain cases FUE is better, in certain cases FUT is. As a female you'd be an example of someone who'd be much better off with FUT as you'll have the long hair to cover the scar your whole life, and you'll get the significantly lower transection and higher number of safe grafts maintained in virgin donor area for the future (assuming the area to be covered is significant. If it's a 200 graft job in a certain patch, FUE would be perfect) I'm mor
  2. 1) Hell No. 2,600 grafts. I reckon 98% grew in. Still have a wall of virgin donor area ready for the future. If you're gonna be a Norwood 6 or 7 you have a thin slither of donor hair on the back. How do you get a bulk of grafts out without it looking moth-bitten and without taking it outside that safe zone? The FUT hate online is only hurting the patient (though there are cons to it). If I had mild recession and ropey hair and was 40 I'd go FUE, but as a likely future Norwood 6 I don't have the luxury to reject FUT based on the scar. I recommend watching Bloxham & Feller's videos on FU
  3. Thailandpharmacy.net Any one of those online pharmacies which assume you have the prescription already Which you must get from your doctor
  4. If you're If you're taken finasteride, saw palmetto and spironolactone then oral minoxidil 5mg won't seem scary at all I don't even take finasteride. Was way less scared of oral minoxidil
  5. Oral minoxidil has worked miracles for my crown Put it this way. Before my transplant on the front 9 months ago, I was planning for the whole midscalp and crown to also fall out within 5 to 7 years (could just get creative with fibers) Now I reckon the crown will hold for MUCH longer. Particularly lower crown (could be wrong, just speculation and looking at what's happened. Will do pics at 1 year mark)
  6. Read this thread and look at this horror job done by them I would NEVER go to this clinic even if it were free. That is literally the worst post-op donor area I've ever seen
  7. It can make you lose transplanted hairs? Jesus, really? I had horrible dandruff, particularly after my operation and it knocked it out nicely. But now I'm worried
  8. first few weeks I had a puffier face. After that, completely back to normal I'd say Not anymore. But in the first few weeks when I took 2.5mg, yes. And also when I upped to 5mg, I noticed this for about a week
  9. Interesting. thank you. Are there big differences in result from 5mg one a day vs. 5mg twice a day (i.e 10mg a day)? Is it worth it? Did you notice a significant difference? Are there studies on that significantly helping and bringing even more hair back? I'm happy to go up if that's the case
  10. Hey man, Why such a high dose? And What's your opinion on its effect on hair? I'm on 5mg, should I be considering upping my dose? (I don't take finasteride anymore after horrible side effects)
  11. My Opinion and personal account (ask a doctor, ideally): Continue! I take oral minoxidil. I had massive shedding for perhaps the first 4 months. May have even been up to 5 months. I'd rub my hair firmly (no scratching) and maybe 50 hairs would fall out after 15 seconds of rubbing Used to do it over A4 sheets of paper at work. Would see loads of hairs, which went notably thinner towards the root. It was a bit scary, looking back. Nowadays, perhaps 5 hairs fall out when doing this. I was also shedding thick healthy hair. The hair was thinner towards the root, so I a
  12. I am 3 months post transplant (FUE) I notice when I rub/massage my hair, a lot of dandruff/dead skin falls Sometimes with hair attached (looks like native hair) Is this concerning? I've been worrying nearly every day since the transplant Thank you
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