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  1. thanks, In your case, has anyone noticed the scarring in your nape? I assume the FUE holes look like a bunch of white dots along your neckline?
  2. Is it possible to use nape hair as FUE donor? I remembered that Chef Gordon Ramsay used his nape hair for his FUE hair transplant. I’m talking about the hair that creates the neckline in the back of the head. I know its not in the safe donor zone but I want to use it to fill in my sparse areas of my over harvested donor from my previous FUE surgery. So literally, my NECKLINE would be higher if the nape hair is used. How obvious would the scarring be in this area?
  3. Thanks for the pictures, I know microneedling can help regrow hair from natural hair loss. My question was if you saw any new growth in your donor area where the hair was surgically removed. I guess you didn’t try microneedling in your donor area ?
  4. My major concern is just the thinness in my donor area. So I want to be clear, the microneedling did not help grow any NEW hairs in your DONOR area, right?
  5. don't do fue, stick with fut. A thin line is far easier to hide than a diffuse U shape pattern in the back of your head, ear to ear. fue is really hit or miss.
  6. you are seeing new hairs pop out in your donor area ? Or are you just seeing your remaining donor hair become thicker ? Hair that is surgically removed cannot grow back.
  7. Nah, it's a common thought among hair transplant patients who got botched results. People spend good hard earned money, tens of thousands of dollars to improve their appearance.. and to come out with a result where you look worse than before you had any surgery? These kinds of thoughts will drive a man crazy, it's too depressing. An overharvested donor can never look the way it did before. It will just look like a mess.
  8. i'm not comfortable to post pictures yet. Do you know any good SMP clinics ? I'm willing to travel if they consistently produce great results. I dont have much faith in SMP after my last session, the ink color faded too fast.
  9. What is a DRT procedure? Is it the same as body hair transplant ? I have beard hair but I don't see the point because the texture is so different compared to scalp hair.
  10. I had a FUE surgery that over harvested my donor. The whole donor area is now incredibly thin and i'm having a lot of trouble hiding the thinness. What really sucks is that there is no effective way to repair it. I've tried SMP and it looked OK initially, but the color of the SMP faded too fast, and now the ink doesn't match the color of my original hair. I've also tried dermarollers, hair supplements, laser combs, hair shakes, but all of these do NOTHING for areas where hair was surgically removed. i've considered body hair transplant but it seems ridiculous to me, body hair does not match the scalp hair, the texture is different, it grows at a different rate. I used to be so outgoing and care free, but now i've become so paranoid about the scars on the back of my head. hair transplant has been the biggest regret of my life. i would gladly pay 1 million dollars to be given a second chance and never get a hair transplant. Be careful of doctors that try to sell you on FUE. It is definitely not scarless.