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  1. Thanks very much for your feedback guys. I’m 34, start recessing around the age of 24/25. I have done plenty of research in to the clinic offering to do the full 4000 grafts in one sitting and the surgeon is very good, is a member of the ISHRS, royal college or surgeons, GMC etc. I have another meeting booked with the surgeon on Monday to see some of his clients who have had similar size grafts in similar procedures. I think if I am happy with the results then I will proceed but I am still keeping an open mind as the concern about the crown expanding was a concern of mine, as was the length of day of surgery. The price isn’t really an issue but at the moment I don’t see any benefit in spending nearly double the amount of money for the work when result seems just as good through the surgeon I’m likely to go with and to get it all done at once. I am not the type of person to ring around clinics trying to get the cheapest price. I have been round 5 of the best clinics and review their work first before looking at pricing and would always go for the one that has the best results with price being the second factor. But having done what you suggest LaserCap and spoken to the other clinic to discuss my dilemma of which clinic to go with and the pricing, they would not move on price. Thanks again, really appreciate all the advice as it’s such a big decision.
  2. Hi Guys Hope you’re all well. So I’m after some advice if possible as I’m undecided on a few things prior to booking my FUE procedure. I’ve been to 4 different clinics now that have been in either Manchester or Leeds and have narrowed it down to two. The clinic in Leeds (The Hair Dr) has suggested 4000 grafts are required from the front to the crown and have suggested they can do it all in one day at £2 per graft which seems very reasonable but 4000 grafts in one day seems a lot compared to the other clinics suggestions. The other clinic in Manchester (Farjo) has suggest 2000 graft at the front first and leave the crown for now but are £3.5 per graft. I guess my main concern is whether the 4000 grafts in one day at £2 per graft is too good to be true and whether the quality will be worse than that of Farjo’s? I would prefer to have it done all at once but don’t know if I’m just rushing it and trying to save money. I’m aware of Farjo’s excellent reputation but the Hair Dr also seems to have a decent reputation and surgeon. Any help and advice would be great! Thanks!