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  1. And @Steeeve, trust me, if you are wearing a hat to hide your donor, you DO NOT need it! It looks great!
  2. @Steeeve Thanks for the shout out. You are looking great. Your donor looks awesome. I don't think anyone would be able to notice, period. Ever since I learned about this industry, I often stare at the back of people's heads. Even people that I know for a fact have never had any work done, some seem to have a part of line back there, probably with how their hair is cut or from lying down, etc. I booked my appointment for the first week of August with Dr. Arocha. I am nervous as you can be, but I know I will be in good hands. My hair is a couple of inches long back there, but I have a thin crown, so I use some of the hair back there to comb forward/to the side. I am just hoping the incision is low enough that the line will be covered until it heals. It really doesn't seem like it takes more than an inch of hair to cover it. I suppose 'short' hair is relative. Some guys want a #1 guard and if it grows to a #4, it's way 'too long'. Some guys like it 2-3 inches long and and that isn't very long to them. You're doing great, man. I may have to message you more as I get closer to the date and afterward, too!
  3. @made2care You have gone a whole year since your procedure. How does your scar look? Do you feel a ridge back there when you put your fingers through your hair? Thanks for your feedback!
  4. @Steeeve Thanks for the reply man! Another question I had was when you got your sutures out after 2 weeks, did it still hurt to comb your hair around the suture line? Also, it doesn’t seem like you need a lot of hair to cover the red area you have at your donor, huh? Maybe an inch or so would be enough?
  5. @made2care Any idea how long it took for the shock loss to grow back?
  6. @Steeeve Any pictures of the scar now? I am about to get a procedure done from Dr. Arocha and I am a bit worried about donor shock loss. Do you think you could have done anything to prevent the donor shock loss? Thanks, brother, I am envious that you are 2 months post op! I am -1 month post op LOL!