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  1. Aha, ok. It's almost as one should introduce some confidence intervals to it Seems like there's lots of variance when reading the forum posts.
  2. Just curious - is there any scientific basis for the "% complete vs time", or is it your own assessment of an expected progression?
  3. To be fair, those points seem hard to refute, and somewhat makes sense. Especially the first one about the grafts available after artas. However, these are all points that should have been made prior to surgery, not after. Except for the FIN one, i am guessing, none have been mentioned before? I also didn't think 56 micron was that thin.. At least not to the extent that it would influence results in any meaningful way. Of course 76 is better than 56. That's a bit odd to mention.
  4. Whoa! You shouldn't! Most people here would kill for your hair, and looks. It's not a bad result in that sense - it's just that one would expect 5000 grafts to look more dense.
  5. Totally agree on the refund. Seems they are offering touch ups for cases that are way less severe than yours, so that doesn't seem like a big admittannce on their end. Which sort of implies that they think this yield is to be expected.
  6. Besides offering the touch up - does ASMED ackowledge and/or share your view on this being a sub par result? And if so, have they given any explanation to what might have happened (except for generic reasons)?