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  1. With all due respect, at this point in your life you're living in denial and clinging on to a lost cause. If I'm 50+ in age I'd shave it off and get on with my life. I'm about to do that too, right now, and give up on ever making my hairline better. But before I do that, I'd like to give a HT a try. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, at least I've tried, and then I'd give it a clean shave or get a MSP. Any of those options are better than my current hairline that I've been born with and hated since forever. It matters to me that I try to fix it at this age, otherwis
  2. I completely get what you mean. In my case, it's different, however. My hairloss was not in my temples no, my temples were empty since birth. That was the point. My hairline does/did not fit my age ever, the only hairloss I had was minor thinning in the front. However, My forehead and temples were very receded since birth. If I can't fix them now, there's no point caring for them in the future. I'd rather go with a clean shave than wait till later years and do this procedure, cause it defies the whole point of why I want the procedure in the first place. Fin & Minox can't
  3. Thank you, I definitely will. I didn't know about the surgeon I found either until recently. I've been so focused on looking abroad, I forgot to look locally. Turns out this clinic really is good and fits all the criteria I was looking for. Hoping for the best!
  4. Alright, after 3 years of research and questions and doubts and even asked about some opinions here (I did not want to rush into this matter at all), here's what came to my decision: I was born with a high receded hairline since birth. Only experienced minor recession (more like minor thinning in front area) over my puberty years. I know that due to my age now (21), I am still young to do hair transplants and it is still early. However, knowing that fixing this issue concerns me most at this age rather than any other age later, I still needed a fix. Some things I tried
  5. I was very hesitant to take Finasteride at first because of what I've read about it, but then I kept researching and talked about it here and decided to only take 0.5 mg everyday, which is half the dose people usually take. I've been on it for 3 months now and I don't notice any changes in my sex drive, I'm still the same really
  6. Hello @transplantedphil Thank you - I completely understand what you mean and i agree. That's why I already started taking Finasteride regardless of whether I'm starting to bald or not. But my hairline is the same as it was in terms of height and going backward except for some temple recession. Regardless, I have consulted with many clinics already - I'm definitely not just relying on his consultation as I need to make sure that I have at least a good number of clinics agreeing on my situation's being I've been researching since last fall and I'm continuin
  7. I would love to, really looking forward to doing so one day. Thanks again!
  8. Of course, I already sent an email for consultation to Kesser and looking into Kaan at the moment. I am not planning on doing this before June so I have plenty of time to invest in more research. I would never want to make a decision I'd regret. On the hating self part, I already hated myself for 20 whole years so I'm familiar with that part lol. This is why I want to make a good decision now Your assistance is very much appreciated, btw!
  9. That's the thing, I don't have severe hair loss - My hair is still pretty thick and full, I was just born with a very high hairline, my hairline receded a little from the temples and middle after puberty but it's still very similar to how it is since birth. I'm 21, I just need a better hairline is all
  10. Yes, born and raised in Lebanon - also, I've been checking HLC, Erdogan and Keser. I will check Kaan as well, thanks!
  11. India needs visa too, hence choosing Turkey is easiest for me at the moment
  12. Yes - Turkey is one of the only countries that do not require a visa for travel and seems to be the most affordable option for me / Every other country requires a visa and is way more expensive to travel to - aside from the operation costs
  13. Thank you for responding - do you mind letting me know where you did your HT or if you have any good suggestions in mind for an HT in Turkey? Also how much it cost you? (If you're okay with sharing that info) Would be greatly appreciated
  14. Hello, I am pretty sure his name was mentioned here before as his clinic is popular in Turkey now. But from what I've read on this forum, there are divided opinions about him. I know several people who did their HT at his clinic and have wonderful results and they're very happy - on the other hand, I keep seeing people here mentioning that he's an unlicensed doctor and that his technicians are unlicensed as well. This worries me, but I haven't seen a bad review from people who did do their HT at his clinic. His prices are very competitive and the results he's showing from his work
  15. That sounds far more comforting than what I've read previously. I will be asking about it in pharmacies around anyway, I hope they have it here - I definitely need to check it out
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